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 Nicole Malice Knight Guide

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PostSubject: Nicole Malice Knight Guide   Nicole Malice Knight Guide EmptyWed Oct 17, 2012 12:26 am

Welp, I guess I'm back to doing this. I figured since I was using Nicole Malice Knight and Persenachia (link) and I didn't see any guides for them here, that I'd write some up myself.

Nicole Malice Knight Guide 1fFve

Nicole Malice Knight, unlike previous Nicole Malice variants, is meant for close-quarters combat. She even comes with her own sword and knight-themed Wonder Bit known as Dead Phalanx.

Tips and tricks for using Nicole Malice Knight:

-As per usual for any Nicole Malice, be ready to summon your Wonder Bits at a moment's notice as they are her main method of offense/self-defense.
-Take advantage of her new ability to refill the Wonder Bit gauge while Dead Phalanx is still out. Rush whatever enemies you can with the Soul Sword, otherwise stick to the BD4's Soul Shot and let the Dead Phalanx do the hard work.
-Remember that you can re-summon Dead Phalanx even while it's active! This will restore every bit you'd lost beforehand and keep you in the fray. The best time to do this is when all of the Knightlings have kamikaze'd.
-Don't forget that the AM4 has a ranged attack. If you can't get in melee range safely, then have at them with the AM4's Soul Shot until your Wonder Bit gauge is filled up enough.
-Don't forget that you don't need a full Wonder Bit gauge to bring out Dead Phalanx. Even with half a gauge and the small chunk of that it costs to summon them, they still make for a wonderful panic button.
-Don't make the mistake of thinking Nicole can fill up her Wonder Bit gauge by attacking trees; it must be an actual enemy. Wonder Drugs, however, will work and it is recommended that you stock up on them to keep Dead Phalanx going. Don't hesitate to ask your teammates for some.
-You have to be facing the enemy in order for the Dead Phalanx to attack them.

Tips and tricks for combating Nicole Malice Knight:

-Alphaging is the cleanest way to deal with the Dead Phalanx. The Knightlings don't have a lot of HP, and they'll be hitting you more than anything else she throws at you.
-Don't melee the Knightlings if you can help it! Their suicide-bombs hurt and pack some decent stun too.
-The threat of the Dead Phalanx will only end when you destroy all of her bits. If even one remains she can just re-summon them, but if you successfully destroy all of them, her Wonder Bit gauge will automatically deplete.
-Be especially careful of a Nicole Malice Knight that has Crimson Veil. They'll be able to swing at you and re-summon Dead Phalanx with impunity if it procs.
-If you're using an AIR that isn't an alphag, try not to get too close to her. While Nicole Malice Knight isn't as anti-AIR as her previous incarnations, if she gets you with Waste Booster, she'll likely proceed to tear a massive strip of HP off of you if not outright kill you.
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Nicole Malice Knight Guide
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