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 11/2 Anti Lag System

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PostSubject: Re: 11/2 Anti Lag System   11/2 Anti Lag System - Page 2 EmptyFri Nov 04, 2011 10:32 pm

Anyone know how this system actually works? If I were designing something like this...heck, if I were doing this, I'd just say "screw laggers" and make all movement serverside. So far as I can tell, the system works by just moving your bot when you lag instead of keeping it still, and it tried to move it where it thinks you'll be. However, when a lagger lags and inevitably winds up somewhere other than where the system thought, does the server-side position or client-side position take priority when position has to be reconciled?
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11/2 Anti Lag System - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: 11/2 Anti Lag System   11/2 Anti Lag System - Page 2 EmptySat Nov 05, 2011 1:23 am

server side imo, if your ping higher than threshold. server will calculate any movement you do, thus when what you see (if your above threshold) is diferrent than server see, server will teleport you where server think you should be. the effect will gotten worse if we use high mobility bots or mobilty cart (loop, roll). when our ping lower than treshold, this system will completely shutdown

btw, the problem is HOW CB server calculate our ping, i think it's realtime so when our ping unstable and have spike (on ping 100 ms net, sometimes can spike to 500ms or even more especially if our net busy) for a split second, in that split second, server mark us as lagger and teleported us back
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11/2 Anti Lag System
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