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 New heat mag and electric psygun demonstration

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New heat mag and electric psygun demonstration Empty
PostSubject: New heat mag and electric psygun demonstration   New heat mag and electric psygun demonstration EmptyMon Apr 30, 2018 12:29 pm

Since I finally crafted the fully powered heatmag, I will show you how it works as a single gun, and as an alpha unit alongside the psygun. Both weapons are EXTREMELY powerful, and I'd say they were absolutely worth farming for, I'm actually going to farm more mats to craft another psygun for another unit. Psygun has a blindspot if the enemy is too close, so I suggest using this with another weapon that can attack close range or a gun with direct fire.

Anyway here's the video:

If you're farming for parts and not exp, the parts seem to only drop in the branched routes. This may just be RNG, but I only ever got the shaden parts from the branched route with the mountos / Bea-R enemies. Rho confirmed they also drop on the other branched route with the balloon nukes and pteranos. We both have not recieved them in the areas before the branched routes tho so whether this is fact or not, I'd suggest just skipping to the branched routes for the shaden / mountos parts needed to craft the heat mag.
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New heat mag and electric psygun demonstration
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