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 Fark the Electric Jester

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PostSubject: Fark the Electric Jester   Fark the Electric Jester EmptyFri Sep 15, 2017 11:54 am

Hello everyone, remember that awesome game by Lake Feperd, Spark The Electric Jester?

Well guess what? It's getting a sequel!
Except this time, his former rival, Fark, is the star, and it's going to be 3D too!


So far it's only a demo, but Lake Feperd seems to have gotten a good start. I like how Fark is the protagonist now, as for (SPOILERS), at the end of the game's Fark Story, Spark resolved his rivalry with Fark and decided to use his knowledge to become an Electrical Engineer, and leave the Jester work and fighting to Fark now. Fark does still have his various powers and blocking moves and such, except this time he can actually use different powers like Spark could. One I saw that was new was some sort of Robot Bike that gives great speed and a flip kick attack. The game also seems to be a bit more Sonic-like than the last one, with physics like the wall-running, and even a Homing Attack for Fark, but still with the Action Elements of the first one. Although I found the controls a bit hard in my playthrough (I didn't know how to switch weapons or block at first), but hopefully Lake will have that fixed in the later version, this is a Demo after all.

Lake has done a good job at transferring the enemies to a 3D Format. Though he did mention that some of the sprites in the original game he made from 3D Models that he edited, so that could've helped. I wonder why the robots are attacking again, especially after they vanquished the source, Freom, TWICE. I seriously hope it isn't Freom again, because it will sorta make Freom worse if he comes back after even a defeat in Virus form. Hence why I think it is good that in Freedom Planet 2 they replaced Brevon with a new villain.

Also, this.

Nevertheless I look forward to the finished version of this.
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Fark the Electric Jester
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