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 c21 x medabots collab#2

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c21 x medabots collab#2 Empty
PostSubject: c21 x medabots collab#2   c21 x medabots collab#2 EmptyThu Nov 28, 2019 6:45 am

yup, another medabots collab in the same year.
c21 x medabots collab#2 191128_special
this time its arc beetle dash and "tyrrel beetle"
they can transform like they do in the original games (and anime) they were from
c21 x medabots collab#2 Chara04_ss
c21 x medabots collab#2 Chara05_ss

sadly, they are exclusive to the upcoming mega gacha

and along with the old medals,
new medals are added as drops
which will be in venev, dasd and nera.
the following new medals are
ninja, dragon, unicorn
and the following 2 will be rare drops which are
hunter and sniper medals.

also on the stated 3 planets, you can find items called medalia
depression medalia
c21 x medabots collab#2 Cts03_playguide06_01
naguru medalia
c21 x medabots collab#2 Cts03_playguide06_02
mamoru medalia
c21 x medabots collab#2 Cts03_playguide06_03

which can be used to strengthen both medals and replica medals via the laboratory

c21 x medabots collab#2 Cts03_playguide07_01
this npc will exchange rare medals for 15 of that specific medals you have

also to celebrate medarot day,
enter this code at the code redemption counter to receive a medarot bs
c21 x medabots collab#2 EKb2lPeU4AA2m2c
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c21 x medabots collab#2
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