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 19/01/2017 updates

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19/01/2017 updates Empty
PostSubject: 19/01/2017 updates   19/01/2017 updates EmptyTue Jan 24, 2017 11:44 am

decided to skip a week of updates
took a very long while, my bad.
for 1 week, limited time mission "kagetama's request" is added
which you help kagetama deal with the enemies in kappa gernia.
there are easy, normal and hard
and you can do these missions in the other side of pold base and central base.
some misisons needs you to prevent allies from getting killed like ally kappas and turrets
19/01/2017 updates ScreenShot_20170119_1023_35_865_zpsvfobasex
19/01/2017 updates ScreenShot_20170119_1036_42_989_zpsmjgmofnw
enemies in the mission have a chance of dropping mats needed to craft kagetama parts in the mission, enemies in hard mode will drop 2 mats
and for normal and hard you will get 1 mt each in the "last" mission
however, for hard, theres an actual last mission
which involves taking out..
3 of them
19/01/2017 updates ScreenShot_20170119_1048_43_572_zpsk48vbpob
and not to mention it only allows 1 bot to be deployed and it have to be less than 10k cost.
which is pretty impossible to solo
you can try getting some help from 3 more players
but, its actually possible to solo
if you have the right parts and set up to do so
one part you will be needing is ram sol jetter lg
dont take along any other sub parts since it may get in the way
another is taking along as many repair packs sp (halloween pudding works too) as you can which they can fully heal your unit.
and lastly, bring along a halloween rod (from p mona), you would want to use the g version of it.
all you need to do is spam sol jetter ram lg over them
and use the rod when your en is running low for en refill
only use the repair packs when your hp is low (especially when they start firing grenades)
19/01/2017 updates ScreenShot_20170124_0221_52_743_zpsstiqx9nj
which you get 10 mt for beating it
19/01/2017 updates ScreenShot_20170124_0222_00_123_zpslujesmjd

recipes to craft kagetama
19/01/2017 updates ScreenShot_20170119_1019_03_153_zpsvgexltuc
19/01/2017 updates ScreenShot_20170119_1019_12_615_zpsplsj4twu
19/01/2017 updates ScreenShot_20170119_1019_15_016_zpsvdzbjvtl
19/01/2017 updates ScreenShot_20170119_1019_57_681_zpsvnoqeqsg
19/01/2017 updates ScreenShot_20170119_1020_13_465_zpsuq90jnzy
19/01/2017 updates ScreenShot_20170119_1020_16_581_zps3sz5hx0u
19/01/2017 updates ScreenShot_20170119_1019_59_234_zpsdvkl8bng
19/01/2017 updates ScreenShot_20170119_1019_37_879_zpsx5uakajj
19/01/2017 updates ScreenShot_20170119_1019_36_217_zpsvzi15scp

which you will be needing a hell lot of mats to upgrade kagetama rly..

till 02/02/2017 for kagetama recipe
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19/01/2017 updates Empty
PostSubject: Re: 19/01/2017 updates   19/01/2017 updates EmptyThu Jan 26, 2017 2:24 am

... 1 week mission, posted on the 24, ends on the 26... you could just skipped this and let people be at peace with their ignorance
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19/01/2017 updates
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