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 08/06/2017 updates

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08/06/2017 updates Empty
PostSubject: 08/06/2017 updates   08/06/2017 updates EmptyWed Jun 07, 2017 10:20 am

skipped a few weeks my bad,
saggi 4 and "appare momo onimaru" is added in gacha
literally based off momotaro
lnd type
08/06/2017 updates AiQf79p
08/06/2017 updates Tsi8NkX
08/06/2017 updates YyGp0bn

you can get a free version of him which is a peon version in the future

despite the other 2 previous saggis being lab crafted(you have to sacirfice one am to craft bd2), saggi 4 has to be acquired from mt gacha
08/06/2017 updates McaOpK9
08/06/2017 updates X94pMvA

new recipes are added in laboratory
08/06/2017 updates A2kpBmN

centaurus x is next on the robo store clerk quest list not doing it really
but for the items required for the whole set, here it is
3 solar amor
3 solar circuit
3 organic splinter
3 organic oil
3 organic "debris"
and 1 pitaro proof for 3 gold robonium

lubok eater(those unkillable traps in titan swamp) damage percentage have been reduced

rinaj dungeon's 1st floor gate and stones are removed, now you can get past floor 1 without having to wait for enemy respawns for stones.

wedding campaign is added
for the first half, you will need 10proofs each of pitaro, kemu and pitaro
for tuning mist 50 and 70

on 22/06/217 you will need 2 big tree oil and 2 fossil oil for 1.5m c$ and 15m exp for the second half
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08/06/2017 updates
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