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 Video Tutorial how to use Cosmic Calculator for tuning

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Video Tutorial how to use Cosmic Calculator for tuning Empty
PostSubject: Video Tutorial how to use Cosmic Calculator for tuning   Video Tutorial how to use Cosmic Calculator for tuning EmptySat Jul 09, 2016 5:56 pm

Here's a video I made for Kainagi on how to use Cosmic Calculator for pre tuning plans. I don't have a mic sorry.

How to use cosmic calc:
Note: Hold CTRL and zoom in and out with your mouse wheel when needed. It's hard to see the entire thing sometimes.

Note2: Make sure you have the parts you're using in the calc such as "Abyss BS". If not, find the next best part alternative (this is more advanced options when using the cosmic calculator).

Note3: Normally I only throw in life tunes into the calc last when I've reached my goal of 40 str/38 wlk but in that vid I did it early in this vid because I already have this build saved on my mother monitor. When doing actual tuning, I prioritize Ex Tunes on first slot, and then life tunes/tank/beast on 2nd slots because the rate of success on those are harder. High run betas and high power betas etc  can be done on third slots of a body part.

Cosmic Calc to find best stat parts/alternative parts:
Note: In above video I'm trying to show you that some BS parts that come with the original moes does not have the best stats. Sylvia V comes with a Sylvia BS3 but if you own a Hanna Fritz BS then that would be a better replacement. Hanna Fritz BS costs 10 less cappa for the same exact stats. This means you can put a Life tune for extra 15 HP for that 10 cost.

Here is the video of the actual tuning process in game for my Lasker Video following that plan:
In the vid you can see I made some mistakes and had to cosmos regret -.-
Note: This is the exact Lasker build I use in arena to kick ass.
Oops. The actual Lasker I'm using has only has 19 tgh and not 21 tgh like in the example. I forgot what changes I've made to her lol. Oh well. still a good build.

How to do "Part Search/Moe Body Search in game Garage":

Some side notes:
Some moes such as School/Bikini Ouka, you have to add in her extra weapons stuff manually.
For example, You would have to manually add the weapon "Shinuchi Ranouarakiri". In the past I forgot to add that manually to the cosmic calc and ended up having a lot of extra left over cappa and I didn't know why.
The cosmic calc will only load "Locked body parts" for you. Anything that is not a locked part, you will have to add manually into the calc slot.

In conclusion, just know that when you are tuning, you want to know what stats you're aiming for. For instance, land melees would want 40 str as priority, and then 36, 37 or 38 wlk depending on if you use boostrun/sway/ nothing (see breakpoints guide), atleast 1 fly, and finally weapon tunes if needed.

You probably won't be tuning cappa tunes on leg very often until when later when you become more familiar with CB1 again.

Important guides to read before doing tuning


Beginners Guide:
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Video Tutorial how to use Cosmic Calculator for tuning
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