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 11/07/2013 updates

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11/07/2013 updates Empty
PostSubject: 11/07/2013 updates   11/07/2013 updates EmptyThu Jul 11, 2013 12:23 am

max amount of defense (including stability) has been increased to 300.
summer challenge campaign starts
pretty long and complex rly..
heres the list of objectives and rewards in jp that is.
(惑星ポイーンMC パーフェクトソルジャークリア)
・惑星ポイーン モンスターパーツセット(各種2個)
(惑星ゲルニアMC 鋼の魔神クリア)
・惑星ゲルニア モンスターパーツセット(各種2個)
(惑星ガルドMC カクタス村の英雄クリア)
・惑星ガルド モンスターパーツセット(各種2個)
(惑星デゴMC ダブル・リッパーズクリア)
・惑星デゴ モンスターパーツセット(各種2個)
(惑星ベネブMC 咆哮の戦士クリア)
(must do)
(惑星ダスドMC 魅入られし者の狂気クリア)
(惑星ベネブ リンジャーニ遺跡クリア)
(another must do)
(惑星ダスドMC ケイオム遺跡クリア)
(for this, just let the other players handle it)
(惑星ガスターMC 黄昏に浮かぶ虚栄を全プレイヤーで300回クリア)
(セントラルベースMC 【VR】天を飲み込むを全プレイヤーで300回クリア)
(惑星ガスター インドラタワーを全プレイヤーで500回クリア)
(惑星ゲルニア ヘブンズタワーを全プレイヤーで500回クリア)
prizes for rookie challenge will be planet mob parts.
and prizes will be distributed at 19 September...
another 3 dungeon clear campaign starts
this time indigo, geo and geo thermal powerplant..
but instead of mt, this time..
1 repair pack 1000 and 1 respective planet quartz for each dungeon cleared...
double dungeon reward campaign for indra tunnel, indra tower and emperor's garden starts
and includes indra clear campaign
by clearing indra tunnel, indra tower lower and upper floor and emeperor's garden
for mats and 1 combine plus 10 for each dungeon cleared.
which includes reward if you've cleared it a certain amount of times
from 10 to 30runs for the campaign period.
might be adding more once theres more news.
starter bots has been changed to the following
which you can choose 1 of the listed robos
11/07/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130711_0440_01_906_zpsb6b27fc8
11/07/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130711_0440_00_005_zpsae90a194
11/07/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130711_0439_55_540_zps57fdb277
11/07/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130711_0439_58_089_zps35f028aa
11/07/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130711_0440_03_539_zpse8dceeaf
11/07/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130711_0440_56_520_zpsc7d5ec90
and they are dismantable
new comer campaign starts
from now till 5 September.
which you will get 30 days undismantable wolfguy, blitzket and wild vehic
11/07/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130711_0447_26_158_zpse384b4c4
along with a few other goodies including a free viper shield.
11/07/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130711_0448_04_930_zps7599727c
welcome back campaign bots has been changed
a free 7 day undismantable version of
steel burn
combat freed
falke armour
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11/07/2013 updates Empty
PostSubject: Re: 11/07/2013 updates   11/07/2013 updates EmptyThu Jul 11, 2013 7:55 pm

Thanks as always for posting this!

I made a little list to help people find the missions for the summer challenge~

Rookie Challenge
Poyeen Pold Base - Page 2 Mission 4 (Mission versus Gremlin boss)
Gernia Ielmo Base - Page 2 Mission 3 (Solo Mission versus Steel Demon God boss)
Gald Tetorod Base - Page 1 Mission 6 (Final mission that ends with fighting a giant Scorpy)
Dego Balsno Base - Page 1 Mission 5 (The mission where you have to kill the two Reapers Simultaneously)

Sergeant Challenge
Venev Atokarak Base - Page 1 Mission 5 (The one where you have to protect turrets from Satifars) - Regen Pack 1000 x 3 and 2000 x 2
Dasd Docomol Base - Page 1 Mission 6 (Versus the giant ship) - Beam Armor x 3 and Gun Frame L x 3
Venev's Rinjarni Dungeon - Combine Plus 25 x 2 and 10 x 4
Dasd's Kayom Dungeon - Fourteen Login Capsules

Also I believe the three-dungeon campaign gives Regen Pack 1000's rather than Repair Packs (unless the website is a typo?)
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11/07/2013 updates
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