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 28/03/2013 updates

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28/03/2013 updates Empty
PostSubject: 28/03/2013 updates   28/03/2013 updates EmptyThu Mar 28, 2013 2:43 am

first of the battle vehicle series, Wild Vehic is added in both department store for 20 mt and 250,000 c$ in venev and gastor robostores.

28/03/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130328_0604_25_795_zps605c9923
28/03/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130328_0604_30_689_zpsc1edaa57
28/03/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130328_0604_32_377_zps72d3903f
28/03/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130328_0604_35_527_zpsd03bcdbc
28/03/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130328_0605_27_388_zpse58db7f6

though compared to its cb counterpart. its lg sub was gone.
but.. it has an upperhand in here.
it can equip any bs.
definitely you never see a wild vehic using sezuku bs in cb

28/03/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130328_0609_17_435_zps90c95b42

28/03/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130328_0612_17_013_zps45a37b0c

28/03/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130328_0615_17_186_zpsf6dab6a7

once a driver mounts on, it will receive boost run
28/03/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130328_0627_08_886_zps8b0412d3

28/03/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130328_0626_19_100_zpsf78170e2

however, there are certain conditions that robot cannot mount onto the battle vehicle
(the usual l size above )

(other than this cheater who can change sizes)
28/03/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130328_0617_44_850_zpsa46503c6

certain bots cannot mount onto a battle vehicle.

and while on the battle vehicle, they cannot use any sub weapon or so other than the dismount sub

new dungeon is added in under gernia

2 new weapons are added in gacha
28/03/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130328_0623_51_025_zps49884f6d

new recipes are added in labatory.
28/03/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130328_0653_29_263_zps2e83a9bb
28/03/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130328_0702_11_451_zpsfba303b4
28/03/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130328_0653_41_713_zpsa1a9bc16
28/03/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130328_0702_21_833_zps79c5cfc1
28/03/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130328_0653_52_213_zpsdeed3989

28/03/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130328_0654_10_038_zps15d18e02
28/03/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130328_0654_15_543_zpsd16a904d
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Posts : 1390
Join date : 2010-12-05
Age : 30

28/03/2013 updates Empty
PostSubject: Re: 28/03/2013 updates   28/03/2013 updates EmptyThu Mar 28, 2013 5:58 am

onto under gernia dungeon
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28/03/2013 updates
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