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 M.G.-chan EK

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PostSubject: M.G.-chan EK   M.G.-chan EK EmptySat Nov 10, 2012 12:15 am

M.G.-chan EK 1oqSA

Essentially a DX ROBO, but for LND.


Tips and tricks for playing M.G.-chan EK:

-The Exheld's arms are the reason you want this bot. Being able to hold four weapons without the aid of Asura AMJs was unheard of until this came along, meaning you can make a lot of unique builds. Two guns and two shields, three guns and a melee, four guns, and so on; it all works.
-A Chibi piloting a mech is still a Chibi. Don't forget to blow Kisses at allies that are in a gaggle of enemies or are just having a hard time.
-Free Boost Run means you can surge across the map without stopping for quite a while, but unless you install the Boost Run cartridge, it's useless.

Tips and tricks for combating M.G.-chan EK:

-AIR is the word here. A well-made M.G.-chan EK will easily dominate the ground and be a right bitch to take down with anything that doesn't fly.
-If the Exkeld has shields, either go for its back or don't go for it at all. Shields are cheap, which means the mech has room for much more dangerous dakka than yours.
-If the Exkeld has melee weapons, strafe and shoot while staying away from it. Bullets are easier to avoid than a blade to the face.
-If the Exkeld is bristling with main weapons, rush in close at it and hit hard and fast so it doesn't have time to focus-fire on you. Also, keep these things the fuck away from your Power Spots.

Other notes:

-Strangely, Mighty Girl-chan still has her armor on. its separate parts are even shown in the configuration screen. I don't know whether this still protects her or not.
-The Exkeld BS is the only removable part on the bot. It's also not that great, so you might want to replace it with something else.
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M.G.-chan EK
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