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 How to tune an Orin (methodology lecture)

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How to tune an Orin (methodology lecture) Empty
PostSubject: How to tune an Orin (methodology lecture)   How to tune an Orin (methodology lecture) EmptyFri Jun 22, 2012 12:27 pm

This post is composed mainly as a reply to a person's rather clueless post on how he should tune his Orin.
However, I do feel that the effort I put in deserves a post of it's own, so here it is.

The usual way of building a bot:
1. Set a goal for the robot in question.
2. Map out its setup and tunes.
3. *NOW* you ask whether the build is "acceptable" for the purpose you have in mind if you require a third party's opinion.
Another man's insight may be valuable regardless of how "right" you think you may be.

***Now, let's begin the lecture.***

Orin has three things she can do, a main weapon, concert, and lava AoE.

Fire wall is a really nice skill, but its function is entirely independent of tuning. Same goes for concert. Not much to discuss here.

Explosive fire's too low on base speed and incredibly low/non existent stun rate.
Granted, it has high base range, but not the speed to match. Had it 400 base speed, it would be worth tuning into an efficient long range weapon (bullet size isn't that large either, meaning it must have the speed to compensate)

IF it was me, I would tune it as a close quarters hopper weapon
(3 Great Rapid tunes, alphas are acceptable because of high initial base range)

Force 12 Force 12
Ammo 200 Ammo 200
Range 320-30% Range 224
Speed 260+45% Speed 377

You would essentially use her like a Nemlim (350+ speed is "viable" for a cq hopper weap), hopping around with Explo Fire and Fire Wall as anti-melee defense/quick back-dash to evade incoming fire. Low ammo is also an issue though, so I would juggle between GRAlpha/ GRBeta/ HAirForce depending on capacity.

As far as carts go, 6x capacity, sb/ql/qj (hopper trinity), broad radar.

Don't worry about not having guard carts as a hopper. You will get used to the mentality that you are not going to be hit in the first place.

For stat tunes, I would set the goal of 35 wlk, fly isn't an issue as long as you don't let it go 0.
You might want more HP so you can survive, so you might want to take Tank tunes instead of High Walk (this also means you might not be able to do High Air Force tunes if you are going to use available capacity towards survival.

16 tgh should be easy, she already starts with 15 (omitting booster)

It's somewhat unlikely you'll have that much capacity left over for tec tunes if you wish to boost your Explo Fire damage, but by all means go for it if you can.

In order of priority when planning
1) 35 wlk whether with high wlk/tank tunes

I will kindly remind you here that the current meta more or less demands most robots to be around 4-500hp so they can live long enough to do anything.

Fit in tank tunes where possible, even if it means you have to skimp on capacity towards your weapon/tec tunes.

2) Weapon tunes up to 350+ speed, this is can be pretty variable on how much spare capacity you have.

3) Finally, tec tunes for any capacity you have left.

By the way, the only reason I'm writing you this wall of text instead of just posting a build is because I want you or anyone else who reads this to learn how to fish for themselves, not to just hand you a fish.

P.S. The only "ideal" tuning is the result that you are satisfied with, because it is a result of logical decisions that you made when there is something that you needed to achieve in a robot via tunes and you did it.
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How to tune an Orin (methodology lecture)
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