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 Performance HELP in windows 7

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Wolf Hikari
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Performance HELP in windows 7 - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Performance HELP in windows 7   Performance HELP in windows 7 - Page 2 EmptyFri Nov 05, 2010 5:16 pm

@Sash/a/ wrote:
sunjae429 wrote:
@Wolf Hikari wrote:
@Sash/a/ wrote:


WHAT!?!? Not even mine >_>

What is that suppose to mean?

What he's trying to say is simple.

"Im back to my 'I'm better than all of you mode"
" My computer can waste all of yours."

Sash, lemme give you a little hint. 2.4 is pretty high considering a netbook. The only reason I can get 5.7 in my laptop is simple. I've over clocked all the parts that can be over clocked. 2.13ghz becomes 3.11 for gods sake....

A desktop is gonna get AT LEAST 3.0, considering the parts are "larger."

And if your gonna give us some crap like "I get 10" there is only up to 7rating, and even a i7-980x system with 16gb ram and quadruple crossfirex 5990 is gonna get 6.8 Max.

Just a little hint, sash...


Nope, and thats what I really should be asking you
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Performance HELP in windows 7
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