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 [General]Guide to air types [Updated 6/20/2011]

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Shin Majin
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[General]Guide to air types [Updated 6/20/2011] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [General]Guide to air types [Updated 6/20/2011]   [General]Guide to air types [Updated 6/20/2011] - Page 2 EmptyWed Feb 16, 2011 4:39 am

Depends on what your going for. Seraph crim has the seraph wings (and the often underused seraph tackle), seraphs have good base stats, good cart selection, but they are small sized. Izuna's vanishing jump is a nice core ability, as it really helps in evasion. In addition Izuna has some impressive capacity (especially if you change out her legs when you get her to free up cost) and is mid sized, giving her access to some more powerful weaponry. Izuna can also equip an additional booster on her back, and Izuna also has higher tough.

If your pressed for uc, then the choice is pretty easy, Izuna, cause it's less uc spent overall. If you have time to grind a bot, then seraph crim is definitely worth the investment. Izuna's core offers a lot of utility, and makes up for not having wings by getting you off the ground (or out of the air) at a moment's notice.

Personally I like Izuna's for the ability to easily stick some big guns on them without needing to get a whole bunch of cost carts.

Best UC air? Whatever fits your play style the best. Stat wize? Izuna has the best balance between her stats with default gear at least (but uc izuna has no slots for tuning), Seraph crim has stats that are pretty average for a small air, but has an excellent core ability, Helingal has high tech, decent weapons, and can be junked> rebuilt to recover slots (but can't be customized, only tuned and leveled).

Past that though what's good is what you make good, customize your bots, see what works for you.
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Betrayed Abbey
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[General]Guide to air types [Updated 6/20/2011] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [General]Guide to air types [Updated 6/20/2011]   [General]Guide to air types [Updated 6/20/2011] - Page 2 EmptyThu May 12, 2011 9:43 am

add a bit to the main explanation :

not only shaden have boost-run catridge , thoarla also have it (infact im use it, silly huh?)

im not sure about gywain "wing-shield"... so far that wing never act as shield for me... (im kinda sure due im mainly on ground sniping) ... dunno for cross raptor , due im never use it...
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[General]Guide to air types [Updated 6/20/2011]
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