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 08/03/2012 updates

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08/03/2012 updates Empty
PostSubject: 08/03/2012 updates   08/03/2012 updates EmptyThu Mar 08, 2012 2:32 am

ルクス・エクエス(proper translation needed please)
are added in sp gacha.

*achilles* literally
and he comes with V mode aura mode
08/03/2012 updates ScreenShot_20120308_0454_28_818
08/03/2012 updates ScreenShot_20120308_0454_43_633
08/03/2012 updates ScreenShot_20120308_0454_54_933
08/03/2012 updates ScreenShot_20120308_0455_15_703

(sturbangers and alba users could cry in a corner now...)
08/03/2012 updates ScreenShot_20120308_0455_46_969
08/03/2012 updates ScreenShot_20120308_0456_05_515
08/03/2012 updates ScreenShot_20120308_0456_39_635

08/03/2012 updates Img.php?filename=t_44709_2_1331118386

the others
08/03/2012 updates ScreenShot_20120308_0457_03_545
08/03/2012 updates ScreenShot_20120308_0457_35_482
08/03/2012 updates ScreenShot_20120308_0457_49_129
08/03/2012 updates ScreenShot_20120308_0458_20_398
08/03/2012 updates ScreenShot_20120308_0458_33_680
08/03/2012 updates ScreenShot_20120308_0458_42_846
08/03/2012 updates ScreenShot_20120308_0458_50_163
08/03/2012 updates ScreenShot_20120308_0459_00_594
08/03/2012 updates ScreenShot_20120308_0459_15_225
08/03/2012 updates ScreenShot_20120308_0459_50_990
08/03/2012 updates ScreenShot_20120308_0459_35_708

miko added in dept store for 74 mt.
08/03/2012 updates ScreenShot_20120308_0502_11_337
08/03/2012 updates ScreenShot_20120308_0502_26_587

and her fan was included as a craftable weapon via labatory with the cookies provided from the particular white day's mission.
08/03/2012 updates ScreenShot_20120308_0537_53_441
works like 3 way dagger... but with slow moving bubbles.....
08/03/2012 updates ScreenShot_20120308_0535_52_212
though was said to be sucky and does bigger damage when point blanked and bubbles homes at a certain distance...

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08/03/2012 updates Empty
PostSubject: Re: 08/03/2012 updates   08/03/2012 updates EmptyThu Mar 08, 2012 2:37 am

That shine buster looks like he has the GM booster...
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08/03/2012 updates Empty
PostSubject: Re: 08/03/2012 updates   08/03/2012 updates EmptyFri Mar 09, 2012 8:38 am

That's Generator BS iirc.
But it's similar to GMs'.
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08/03/2012 updates Empty
PostSubject: Re: 08/03/2012 updates   08/03/2012 updates Empty

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08/03/2012 updates
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