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 Tickle's sale list

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Tickle's sale list Empty
PostSubject: Tickle's sale list   Tickle's sale list EmptyFri Feb 17, 2012 11:53 pm

My IGN is Tickle. I will be online ~ from 1am till 12am and 8pm till 12 pm server time.
Post ur prices here or ingame.

2 Handgun 2s
9 Mini Bazooka 3s
4 Wide Beam Gun 3s
10 Ballista Shooter 3s
1 Burner 3s
1 Device breaker 2s
4 Drum Machine Gun 3s
1 Motorized Gun 3s
2 Peace maker 3s
9 Plasma Gun 3s
1 Scouter's Rifle 2s
2 Volcano Grenade 3s
4 Ballistic Launcher 3s
2 Box Missles 3s
4 Negatron Rifle 3s
11 Rocket Launcher 3s
2 Eight Vulcan 1s
5 Stardust Cannon 2s
2 Titan Bazooka 3s
1 Buckler 1s
1 Pentaray rod 0s
6 Viper Shield 3s

Wonder Bits
163 Dual slayer 163
300 Propeller bit

AC (unslotted, dunno if i can sell all of those)
Captain Hat
Dog Earmuffs
Santa Cap
Tenko mask
Buffalo horns
White cat ears
5 13th mask

Full bots
3 Pepen
2 Tonosoma Lander GOLD
2 Neon Neos
5 Helingal

Vulder 3s
2 BD
2 LG
4 HD

Accel Saber 3s
2 LG
4 AM

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Tickle's sale list
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