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 Tarantulic build

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Tarantulic build Empty
PostSubject: Tarantulic build   Tarantulic build EmptyMon Jan 30, 2012 9:41 pm

This simple build for Tarantulic (spider) is very easy to make and requires no rt garapon and minimal Rt.
All of the parts (except for Winberrl arms) are Uc and be had at the bazaar cheaply.
The Winberrl arms can be bought straight from shop by purchasing Winberrl in the support section for 30Rt.
Unlike the Winberrl you received (or will receive from ranking up), these arms are removable and can be placed on other robots.

[Robot Name]

BD: Tarantulic Bd
: Repair Bit
: Silver Headphones [High Run Beta]
: Ace of Hearts Earrings
: Land Worm Lg [High Run Alpha]
: A.Maid Bs [Tough] [Run]
: Winberrl Am
: Pulse Gun [High Run Beta]
: Winberrl Am
: Pulse Gun [High Run Alpha]

[Config Check]
Cost: ok
Bs: ok
Lg: ok

Type: Sup
Size: Small
Cost: 680
Capa: 680
Hp: 346
Tec: 5
Wlk: 22
Fly: 3

Level: 10

Capa +70 x7
Boost Run
Short Boost
Broad Radar

x4 Fudara Cosmos
x2 Hidora Cosmos
x33 Engine Shaft
x30 Green Chip
x10 Blue Chip
x20 Snail Liquid
x5 Break Damper

(I have intentionally not used the slots on the Winberrl Ams)

This Tarantulic build is not designed to carry a team, but it will make victory for your team easier.
-Have a pulse gun as your primary weapon-
-Shields soak and stop your slow and stuns. Make sure to take off a target's shield or hit from behind/side-

1. At the beginning of the match power up your wonder bit by taking out cacti, barrels, trees, and snowmen.
Broad radar makes doing this safer because you can follow the positions of the enemy team (even if a unit has stealth).

2.Note the progress made of land type units toward your team and if they are sneaking up the flanks or sides of the map. Primarily, these land will be what you target and help destroy.

3.Otherwise, stick to supporting your team with healing or attempt to catch other types of units that are over extended. Try not to engage air units because they will poke you to death from afar.

4. If you encounter land units, attempt to reel them in to stun and slow them with your webs.
When you have caught a unit reel them in close and hop out of the way. Repeat this action until the unit is dead.

Notes: Don't worry too much about dieing because the spiders are cheap and the units you cripple are expensive.

Personal Experience:
I have been playing around with my pair of spiders for the better part of a month and they are very fun and funny to play with. My name in game is the same as on the forums and I have fought some fantastic players with these spiders.

I have played around with the build and I prefer x2 pulse guns over say x2 handy bazookas.
The stuns from pulse guns are more consistent, I get higher wlk/fly over handy bazooka, I don't run out of ammo and land units are vulnerable to beam type weapons.
However, Handy bazooka deals much more damage with a longer attack range.

Among the hardest type of land units to beat are:
Kuten: Great tracking and warp melee.
Hitagram: These usually have x2 K-shields and attacks fast and accurately.
Mighty Byne Girl: Fast continual melee that hits like a truck.
Vanguard Axer: Long range aerial attacks and air dash.
Scaregrant: Fast continual melee that effects a large area around him. As well as warp attacks.

These robots are consistently the hardest to fight no matter the skill or build of an individual player.
I would advise to engage them with other other members of your team to neutralize them quicker.

Any comments, concerns, and remarks are welcome.
If there are mistakes, I'll do my best to correct them.

Special thanks to my clan and friends in-game for helping me test and offering advise.

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Tarantulic build Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tarantulic build   Tarantulic build EmptyMon Jan 30, 2012 10:14 pm

Good build. I'll have to try that since I have the said parts at my disposal.
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Tarantulic build Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tarantulic build   Tarantulic build EmptyTue Feb 14, 2012 7:30 am

There is a fair amount I'd change if I were to do an alpha taran, but there's one real flaw to the build that I've noticed when fighting you in arena; when you alpha me (usually my 40tgh dog), the stun invuln frames from the pulse guns cause the web to usually pass harmlessly through me without inflicting slow, at which point I'm at my own leisure to tackle your face in then go about my own business as usual. Maybe try x1 handy x1 pulse, or switch to x2 handy/wide beam gun? I don't know, but the pulse gun stun seems like it actually hurts more than it helps.
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Master Poster
Master Poster

Male Posts : 2431
Join date : 2011-10-03
Location : Philippines

Tarantulic build Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tarantulic build   Tarantulic build EmptyTue Feb 14, 2012 8:10 am

I would have to agree too. I noticed I don't get slowed when I get stunned first. I've tried this in training arena.
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Tarantulic build Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tarantulic build   Tarantulic build Empty

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Tarantulic build
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