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 [Guide] Hound Dog (+Extreme)

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This is good information! You should do more!
[Guide] Hound Dog (+Extreme) - Page 2 Vote_lcap36%[Guide] Hound Dog (+Extreme) - Page 2 Vote_rcap
 36% [ 8 ]
L2Build noob.
[Guide] Hound Dog (+Extreme) - Page 2 Vote_lcap18%[Guide] Hound Dog (+Extreme) - Page 2 Vote_rcap
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Meh I don't care about this.
[Guide] Hound Dog (+Extreme) - Page 2 Vote_lcap5%[Guide] Hound Dog (+Extreme) - Page 2 Vote_rcap
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You're an idiot, this won't stand a chance in the meta!
[Guide] Hound Dog (+Extreme) - Page 2 Vote_lcap14%[Guide] Hound Dog (+Extreme) - Page 2 Vote_rcap
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Why are you trying to make builds for bots no one cares about?
[Guide] Hound Dog (+Extreme) - Page 2 Vote_lcap9%[Guide] Hound Dog (+Extreme) - Page 2 Vote_rcap
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Yur Engrishes suxors.
[Guide] Hound Dog (+Extreme) - Page 2 Vote_lcap0%[Guide] Hound Dog (+Extreme) - Page 2 Vote_rcap
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TLDR; (Too Long Didn't Read)
[Guide] Hound Dog (+Extreme) - Page 2 Vote_lcap9%[Guide] Hound Dog (+Extreme) - Page 2 Vote_rcap
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What? I'm confused. :scratch:
[Guide] Hound Dog (+Extreme) - Page 2 Vote_lcap9%[Guide] Hound Dog (+Extreme) - Page 2 Vote_rcap
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[Guide] Hound Dog (+Extreme) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Guide] Hound Dog (+Extreme)   [Guide] Hound Dog (+Extreme) - Page 2 EmptyFri Oct 21, 2011 2:32 pm

I for one don't like Hound Dogs core at all (no offense). I've tried for a long time to make a "perfect" Red Squealer so I know my M/L non-garapon Land cores.

Hound Dog only has 30 "good" points (Str/Wlk/Tgh) while Mighty Byne and Blaze Baron have 36 and 38 points respectively. Katana Max has 33, and that's good for an M Land.

Also, Byne and Baron have 16 and 17 total points respectively of Tech/Fly. A lot more than 3 Tech and 3 Fly

Also, Byne has a built in shield and Blaze has blaze so their cores have built in advantages.

Even with built in parts, they end up with more capacity in the end. Byne has 735 free and blaze has 705. Hound Dog only has 680 free cap.

Hound Dog does get more HP per level, but at full cap carts, Hound has 353 HP, Byne has 355, and Blaze has 390. Also Byne and Blaze both only have 5 cap carts, Hound has 6 so that's one less alternative cart.

The arms and legs both look good to me since they all have only S/W/T stats, but I haven't been willing to spend 35 rt on 3 parts yet. Also Red Squealer arms seem to have a slight stun to them. They also pierce shields which is useful in PVP and some PVE

So if Hound Dog works for you that's great! I prefer flying around or sitting in lava with my Blaze Baron.

Also, two possibly good non-rt cores for Hound Dog arms are Accel-Saber and Katana Max (if you want to stick with a smaller core like Hound Dog). Both have slightly lower free capacity and HP in the end but both can equip S/M/L parts. Katana Max only has 10 less capacity but 3 more points. And Accel-Saber can equip another head.

If any of my math is off or my points are dumb, sorry and please correct me!

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[Guide] Hound Dog (+Extreme) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Guide] Hound Dog (+Extreme)   [Guide] Hound Dog (+Extreme) - Page 2 EmptyFri Oct 21, 2011 3:06 pm

Wasn't going to add anything more to this thread, but

Had a decent amount of people ask me what core my hopper had in the clan tournament.

[Guide] Hound Dog (+Extreme) - Page 2 7lr7

Now you know.
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[Guide] Hound Dog (+Extreme)
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