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PostSubject: WARNING SYSTEM (NEW)   WARNING SYSTEM (NEW) EmptySun Jul 10, 2011 12:58 pm

The warning system is a publicly displayed bar that will show under your name in every post you make on the forums. Each time you break a rule, your bar will go down. With good behavior after a month after your warning, you may have the warning removed. Even if this happens, you will have a private file on you that lists every rule you have broken and for every time you have broken that rule. These files are only accessible to forum staff and are used to keep track of members who have previous broke the rules, even if their bar was restored to green.

There are three total warnings you can get before being banned, unless your bars are restored, again, after a month of good behavior. You would need to break the rules 4 times within a month to be banned. Each rule you break counts as one warning, even if you break two or more rules at once, you will get a warning for each rule broken.

The levels of the warning system are as followed:






Sometimes forum staff will give you a typed warning without actually removing from your bar. These are normally posted in the thread you are breaking the rules in and are meant to stop you from continuing before you are given a real warning. These warnings are also meant to make it clear that you did something wrong so that no one else in that thread follows your foot-steps. The same could be done in chat box. When it comes to enforcing the rules, certain rules do not apply to forum staff.

For example, rule 2 does not apply if we are posting a typed warning in a thread. Do not forget that both mods and admins have certain powers above the standard member as well as some rights to go above certain rules, only when meant to enforce the rules in an effective way.

A few good tips to avoid warnings:

Do not continue breaking the rules when you are warned to stop. Do not talk back and fight staff when you are type warned or actually warned for something you did wrong. Do not break the rules just because others in that thread are doing so as well... Everyone will get a warning/ban, even if you were not the person to start breaking the rules. Remember that almost all rules apply to the chat box as well. Re-read the rules once per week to ensure you remember every rule and to be sure the rules were not changed since the last time you read them.
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