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 Anime, manga, some series and UNCYCLOPEDIA :D

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Anime, manga, some series and UNCYCLOPEDIA :D Empty
PostSubject: Anime, manga, some series and UNCYCLOPEDIA :D   Anime, manga, some series and UNCYCLOPEDIA :D EmptyFri Jan 21, 2011 10:07 am

first things first. Heres the link

now i will just post some of the things from there. (for some reason they LOVE cows)

(Tsubasa Chronicles)
You have a cow and a bull in one world and another bull in another.

Only, the first bull suddenly has a clone of itself, no, wait, it WAS the clone, and that new bull is the original who had been held prisoner by the Big Bad Bull for years. And then the clone bull goes crazy and starts eating eyes, after which he leaves and you think everything might calm down a bit. But then your cow makes the extremely stupid decision to trade in her amazing gambling luck (without even going to a casino first!) to be able to choose a world to travel to, which ends with her body and soul being split apart, and then there's a lot of angsting on the part of the entire herd, and then you find out that your cow was a clone all along too, and apparently the original bull should not be allowed to mess with timelines when the cow is involved, and THEN the clones show up again (despite the fact that the cow clone died earlier), and the bull's parents who look exactly like the bull and the cow even down to their cowbells join in, and apparently they're not only the bull's parents but also the future versions of the clones, and an alternate pasture version of the cow makes a cameo in clone/mommy cow's dreams and gives her a sparkly stick so that her son/husband's original can meet her original and get this entire mess started, and then after the main story finally gets back on track the Big Bad Cow traps the all three of the bulls in a barn. But then the clone bull sacrifices his life so that the other two can escape. And by the way, speaking of that third bull, the one that wasn't involved in the cloning stuff? Despite not looking like the other two bulls, he's actually been another clone of them all along. Despite not having the slightest idea what the heck is happening even though the series is supposed to end next chapter, you find yourself still reading, failing to figure it out, and contemplating shooting yourself or the bovines or both.

(Tales of Abyss)
You have two cows. One is the real one who's always angry, and the other one is a stupid useless inferior dreckish douchebag of a REPLICAAAAA!!!

You have two Miltank and a lot of annoying theme songs

(i doubt i need to name this one)
You have two cows. Both do magic, both are loli. One of them met a ferret and learned the ways of the beam spamming. The storyline follows the Gundam two cows formula after that, except the cows don't need the giant robots to duke it out.

You have one cow, said cow beats the crap out of a 2nd cow, you now have two cows.

(K-On.... till they change it to cows o_O)
You have four cows trying to save a defunct light music club, despite distractions from desserts, trips to the beach, the fact that one of them is a moron who forgets guitar chords when she studies for tests, and the fact that cows have hooves and can't play musical instruments

Cow, cow, cow, cow, big cow family
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Anime, manga, some series and UNCYCLOPEDIA :D Empty
PostSubject: Re: Anime, manga, some series and UNCYCLOPEDIA :D   Anime, manga, some series and UNCYCLOPEDIA :D EmptyFri Jan 28, 2011 7:36 pm

It was for uncyclopedia that i stoped watching Bleach.They trolled EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER.
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Anime, manga, some series and UNCYCLOPEDIA :D
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