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 31/10/2019 nothing

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31/10/2019 nothing Empty
PostSubject: 31/10/2019 nothing   31/10/2019 nothing EmptyWed Oct 30, 2019 6:03 am

uc gara being added

robot sales in shop(?)
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Molcars Party Hard
Molcars Party Hard

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31/10/2019 nothing Empty
PostSubject: Re: 31/10/2019 nothing   31/10/2019 nothing EmptyWed Oct 30, 2019 10:36 pm

[SP] Rookie Cube
Rookie Cube can be obtained from this Friday, only once.
Rookie Cube will contain 4 New Robo
- "ZERO Saber RK"
- "XX Cross Raptor RK"
- "Victory Cannon RK"
- "Lieffy RK"
These robots are targeted for new players and don't have any slot to tune up but using conversion parts Stats can be increased.
Initially they'll have 3 Capacity cartridge installed.
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31/10/2019 nothing Empty
PostSubject: Re: 31/10/2019 nothing   31/10/2019 nothing EmptyThu Oct 31, 2019 1:03 pm

These RK bots are pretty zany and worth taking a look at.

General pros/cons:

+ Have stupid stats. 40 in a mobility stat, 40 in an offensive stat (other than Leify, who has 25). You can choose between STR and TEC on Zero Saber and Cross Raptor, and you can choose between WLK and FLY on Victory Cannon and Liefy.
+ Have good starting HP (high 500's to low 600's).
+ Have enhanced, unique built-in weapons that are decently powerful.
+ All parts cannot be broken (except for Cross Raptor AM @'s). Tested on ZERO Saber, Leify, and Cross Raptor.

- Cannot be repainted.
- All parts are locked other than 2 handheld slots and the stat slot.
- No Accessory slots.
- WB is locked (although they are unique enhanced WBs). I think all of them are fixed duration disregarding STR/TEC stats and have much more health.

ZERO Saber RK:
* HD has a 15-use Speed Up + All Guard buff that you can keep at 80% uptime. Can be ammo restored.
* BD seems to a Zero Saber dash with 30 uses (although it might be bugged because you can use it with 0 ammo). Cannot be ammo restored. Doesn't give any buffs but seems quicker than the normal Zero Saber's.
* Dual Spike Bit RK - Spike bits are larger.

Cross Raptor XX RK:
* BD is a double lightning gun with Steal Boost that fires in a burst of 5. (6 with Alpha Strike). The listed Force is 6 but it seems to hit for a little more than what's listed. Has a moderate amount of homing and restores 10% of boost gauge on hit. Can be ammo restored.
* BS is a Reignition with 40 charges. It does a small 8-direction dash and restores about 1/3 of the boost gauge. Cannot combo or combo into melee. Can be ammo restored.
* Has access to Moving Burst.
* Dual Beam Bit RK - Fires twice as fast as normal Dual Beam Bit and seems to have a higher Force value. It actually does decent damage.

Victory Cannon RK:
* BD Main Weapon fires standard white missiles. Decent homing, range, and speed.
* BD Subweapon is a single-target lock-on missile that fires orange missiles except these seem to have good homing on grounded targets as well. Performs an 8-direction dash that can combo into a backwards dash, each firing 4 missiles at the target. Actually kind of decent. If you only use the first dash and don't combo, the cooldown is significantly less than if you full combo.
* Dual Missile Bit RK - May fire twice the amount of missiles twice as fast. (Might just be firing twice as fast.)

* Main Weapon Repair Shot heals a single target for 80 HP. No Splash. Can be ammo restored.
* Subweapon dash is a quick 8-directional dash with 20 ammo (can be used with 0 ammo). Cannot be ammo restored.
* Repair Bit RK heals for 20 HP per tick. Has a duration of 10-11 seconds by default (might be fixed duration). Can be enhanced by Wonder Extension to 15-16 seconds. Can be affected by Wonderlyze. Selfless Repairer only restores 3 HP/tick.

Credits to Anti, JFBL, and ZedEX for helping.
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Always Drunk

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31/10/2019 nothing Empty
PostSubject: Re: 31/10/2019 nothing   31/10/2019 nothing EmptyThu Oct 31, 2019 8:04 pm

When was the last new moe Release?
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31/10/2019 nothing Empty
PostSubject: Re: 31/10/2019 nothing   31/10/2019 nothing EmptyFri Nov 01, 2019 3:20 am

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Mia Ageha
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Mia Ageha

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31/10/2019 nothing Empty
PostSubject: Re: 31/10/2019 nothing   31/10/2019 nothing EmptyFri Nov 01, 2019 4:57 am

wow nice bot 40 40 status Very Happy
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31/10/2019 nothing Empty
PostSubject: Re: 31/10/2019 nothing   31/10/2019 nothing Empty

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31/10/2019 nothing
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