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 17/7/2018 Update

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Molcars Party Hard
Molcars Party Hard

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17/7/2018 Update Empty
PostSubject: 17/7/2018 Update   17/7/2018 Update EmptyTue Jul 17, 2018 5:39 am

Hello from the CosmicBreak Service Team. Weekly Maintenance is complete!


Campaigns & Events

Points received by trading in items to Ouka have been doubled until 07/31!
- Red & Green Crafting Stones have been added to Ouka's item exchange.

Union Wars Battle Campaign
The Union Wars Battle Campaign will run until 07/31!
Collect Arena Battle Cards in Union Wars rooms to win all sorts of items!
17/7/2018 Update Cardca10

Deluxe Coin exchange lineup shuffled.
17/7/2018 Update Dxshop10

Delight Garapon
Delight Garapon 1 has been added in shop.
17/7/2018 Update Corrup11

The following characters have been temporarily added to the SDX coin exchange.
- Maisie Carmine
- Feuille Vert


Clan Fight System
17/7/2018 Update CLANFIGHTBANNER2
Clan Fight is a game mode that allows clans to compete against each other every week! Check it out by clicking on the Clan Fight Info button underneath Epoch Battle on the Arena menu.

The Regular Clan Fights scheduled are 07/07, 07/17, 07/22, 07/24 at 19:00 - 20:30 server time. To participate, register your team from the Clan Fight screen after the event has started. Teams that register will be automatically matched up with each other.

For more information about prizes and more specific rules, click here.
*Regular Clan Fights give out 3 Clan Coins to Winners! You will receive 1 Clan Coin, even if your team loses!



Balance Adjustments
Maisie BD has been adjusted as follows:
- Range: 110 -> 150
- Speed: 200 -> 350
- Cooldown time for "TACKLE" is reduced while WB is active.

Maisie Carmine's Hammer Basket has been adjusted as follows:
- Range: 70 -> 80
- Speed: 85 -> 95
- Cooldown time for the follow-up attack usable by clicking the MWB during a combo has been reduced.
- Damage multiplier for follow-up attack increased while WB is active.

Maisie AM2 has been adjusted as follows:
- Projectile size increased.
- Charge time reduced.

Maisie Carmine's WB Adwolff has been adjusted as follows:
- WB gradually accumulates over time.
- Now gains All Guard 30% and Speed Up effects while WB is active.

Feuille Vert has been adjusted as follows:
- All Guard support effect while Stigmata is active has been increased from 30% to 60%.
- Infini Bagage L cooldown time removed while Stigmata is active.
- No longer fires in the direction of the camera.

Feuille BD has been adjusted as follows:
- Can now be activated with Subtarget lockon.
- Range: 90 -> 200
- Speed: 180 -> 250
- No longer takes damage when impacting an enemy melee weapon.
- Reduced Stigmata duration when impacting an enemy melee weapon.
- Reduced cooldown time while Stigmata is active.
- Movement speed increased while Stigmata is active.

Feuille Vert's Infini Bagage L's "STIGMA ATTACK" inflicts Powerless Beta for a longer period of time while her Stigmata is active.

Feuille Vert's Infini Bagage L's "MINE" now slows down more quickly.

Feuille Vert's Infini Bagage R has had its angle of fire increased.

Players affected by the Litia rebalance will have the option of re-tuning her via the Cosmo Pot Reset.
Affected players will be able to refund and/or perform most tuning operations up to 20 times free of charge.

- The graphical effect for Corrupted Crimrose while under the influence of her WB support effects has been made larger and more obvious.

Fixed a bug in which Hadelos LG would sometimes play an irregular animation.
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PostSubject: Re: 17/7/2018 Update   17/7/2018 Update EmptyWed Jul 18, 2018 9:16 pm

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Regular Poster

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17/7/2018 Update Empty
PostSubject: Re: 17/7/2018 Update   17/7/2018 Update EmptySat Jul 21, 2018 1:42 am

dead again, as always....
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17/7/2018 Update Empty
PostSubject: Re: 17/7/2018 Update   17/7/2018 Update Empty

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17/7/2018 Update
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