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 14/06/2018 update

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14/06/2018 update Empty
PostSubject: 14/06/2018 update   14/06/2018 update EmptyThu Jun 14, 2018 7:46 am

marine diver UB(ultrabeast much?) and high priestol g are added in gacha sp
14/06/2018 update 8aeBvuq
14/06/2018 update KA87hC1
14/06/2018 update IYqfPo8
14/06/2018 update I8jSQjQ
14/06/2018 update KBljc0S
14/06/2018 update LTDQTBI
14/06/2018 update 7HtIY7s

only homes if its locked onto an enemy
14/06/2018 update AgUnPXU
14/06/2018 update Pn17xss
14/06/2018 update UkLnr0t
same thing even after transformed
and not ideal for areas with low ceilings
and no ammo limit unlike the original which have a limit of 20 nukes
14/06/2018 update TXV7yhW
doesnt need any locking on at all to home and you can just casually right click
14/06/2018 update Nn774Cr

shoots straight in 3 shots per am transformed
14/06/2018 update KGzXDmA
14/06/2018 update RsYRqLn
also really long range
14/06/2018 update FXJNSVe

on water transformed
14/06/2018 update 7MzYgwe
how it really looked like
14/06/2018 update LNpaRgm
doesnt mean you wont get locked on really
and like the original, gives the middle finger to water type hazards like the pits, lava, acid pools

14/06/2018 update UbitZAT
14/06/2018 update OlhZdGK
14/06/2018 update HYkX7jU
and yeah, the repair field you both loved n hated
14/06/2018 update ImgSS02
however, using the repair field required a repair pack to work like the other healing units here
and the repair field only heal 5 players max and how much it heal is based of the repair packed used
Repair pack 3000: 30%
Repair pack 2000: 25%
Repair Pack 1000: 20%
Repair pack 500: 10%
Repair Pack 100: 2%

dont think it will be based of their bot hp really since that would be too much

in pold base, look for this npc
14/06/2018 update E382a6e382a7e38387e382a3e383b3e382b0e382ade383a3e383b3e3839ae383bce383b31
and start a quest which she wants you go get 10 of each kambi, pitaro and kemu proofs
for both tuning mists 50 & 70.

the second half will start next week whch you will be needing 2 big tree oil and fossil old from pold deep and kambi deep which is a drop from enemies
which gives you 1.5m c$ and 15 million exp
which its best to have your chosen unit selected before submitting the quest next week onwards
and also try to have its level cap maxed to make the best out of the 15million exp  

till 06/07/2018 for the quests

and also both kambi, pitaro dungeons and kemu will have double rewards till 06/07/2018
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14/06/2018 update
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