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 Iconoclasts, a rather awesome Cave Story-like game

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Iconoclasts, a rather awesome Cave Story-like game Empty
PostSubject: Iconoclasts, a rather awesome Cave Story-like game   Iconoclasts, a rather awesome Cave Story-like game EmptySat Apr 28, 2018 10:45 am

Hey everyone! I just wanted to tell you about this great new Indie Game I've been playing, but it really needs more love. It seems a bit underrated right now, but I've been playing it and it rocks!

It's called Iconoclasts. Originally I heard about it from my pals on DeviantArt, but now I finally have it. I'm not too far into the game but I heard it is rather interesting.

Iconoclasts, a rather awesome Cave Story-like game 220px-Iconoclasts_Cover

I'll tell you some stuff I've gotten from it, nothing you can't find out past like the first 30min or so of playing. From what I've played so far, basically it takes place on another planet, and they seem to be suffering an energy crisis. The main character is this mechanic girl named Robin who uses a giant golden wrench and a laser gun. Oh, and apparently the planet is under oppressive rule by this army called the "One Concern" that considers mechanics like Robin to be illegal, as well as these Pirates, and there's also something about them worshipping some sort of great being or such. I am not gonna tell you much more (especially since I'm only like 33% done with the game according to my save file), but I heard from them that it has a lot of harsh moments, interesting plot twists, and the characters go through some tough things in the later parts. There's also a big thing about religion and faith with it, apparently, but it's definitely not atheist or anything from what I've seen so far (thank God).

The game plays a lot like Cave Story, but with some unique elements. It has Robin gaining a bunch of different weapons and abilities as she goes through the world, but Robin can also use her wrench in ways like to swing from grapple points, use it as a melee weapon that can even knock some projectiles back at enemies, or operate certain machinery. There's also a crafting system where you can find resources from chests scattered about in places, and then use a crafting table to craft perks (Or as they are called here, Tweaks), to upgrade yourself. Oh, and sorta like Cave Story's level system, taking damage disables your tweaks and then you have to collect these items from enemies to restore your tweaks. A lot of the bosses are rather cool and some of them had interesting ways to defeat them.
There's other playable characters in the game too, but you only play as them for certain parts. Or other times they assist you at certain segments of the game.

You really gotta get this game, it's so awesome! It's also by Konjak, the same developer as another sadly underrated Indie Title, Noitu Love.
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Iconoclasts, a rather awesome Cave Story-like game
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