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 Buff Devastator 3

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God making a post
God making a post

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Buff Devastator 3 Empty
PostSubject: Buff Devastator 3   Buff Devastator 3 EmptySun Mar 04, 2018 1:28 pm

With Shroomash AM pretty much became the main weapon of most combat supports, I'm left with some choices with this Slow-Missile Devastator guy. It's going to be boostrun-based build for better overall mobility and ease of tuning since this is more like trying to remake my build that has nearly zero damage potential (aside from directly insulting people with actually using handy magnum mod to fight)

1. Just slap 1 AM (probably no mwp tunes on am)
2. Get it into alpha and stick 2 AMs for dem damage

What to note : this build has extremely short range(around 260, base slow missile range is 220) and a complete lack of escape aside from cv revenge and slow missile itself (also bonus accel fire for gun drive build). Mobility is at red tier boostrun.

The former's problem is that I will obviously not use it much-- this was meant to improve its damage output for some cases because Shroomash AM is so cheap for its insane stats. This bot's main job is to tie down someone really hard with BD@ slow -> Wanders HD2 freeze (no time to shoot because sub lockon takes a while)-> slow, leaving space to shoot only after all combo's been set. Remember that gun drive will help a lot here, but I'm definitely taking selfless repairer for some survivability.

The latter's problem is that the slow missile does not alpha at all-- moreover, that will need some capa tunes and cutting down wanders hd2 (better cash in damage!). This also cuts down selfless repairer option since wb is better off set as burst fire. The main problem is that gun drive helped this build a lot with mobility and reach in the past build.

(Don't mention this bot's sucky healing sub, it's literaly a condensened chibi kiss lol)
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Buff Devastator 3
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