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 14 & 21/12/2017 christmas update

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14 & 21/12/2017 christmas update Empty
PostSubject: 14 & 21/12/2017 christmas update   14 & 21/12/2017 christmas update EmptySat Dec 23, 2017 6:42 am

late update again my bad
which poyeen starts snowing and the usual xmas special zone is opened in dego's base camp
along with that special emergency mission in poyeen & dego which you have to destroy a giant christmas tree that is guarded by a penguin in a deluxe robo
and entering that portal after destroying the tree for another emergency mission
for santa's present

and also many past (xmas bazooka, xmas rocket amj, icicle haldberd )and new xmas parts which are snowman pitcher and snow dispenser are dropped in sand snow planet dego(parallel dimension of both dego and gald since both planets are merged into one)

in the xmas special zone, talk to this magneficent damtree to give special gift boxes for various goods (not the smaller damtree, he will take away 6 special gift boxes for a gold robonium+)
and to get these special gift boxes, there are various ways to get them

xmas special zone - drop rarely
xmas emergency mission - 1 after the mission(2nd phase)
sand snow planet dego
easy - 2
normal - 4
hard - 6
however the number of special gift boxes you get in there wont be based on which difficulty you have picked
but rather the route you go by
like choosing hard mode and just going easy route will only net you 2 gift boxes
and those routes are only available on their respective difficulty mode and normal and hard have bot size restriction, normal route required L and below and hard need M and below.

and also you can also get the special gift boxes from "at end of memory"
which you access there by talking to white sabbath and picking the option "destroy the girl"
which is unlocked by any difficulty defeating both bosses in the dungeon

easy -2
normal - 4
hard - 6

which they are based on the difficulty you picked
and the gift boxes are only given after the final round

and for sand snow planet dego and at the end of memory, you will get double dungeon rewards

14 & 21/12/2017 christmas update GJ6lTB4

and the total amount of special presents for all rewards is 300.
for a total of 2 event ticket3s, 1 tuning mist 50, 1 tuning mist 70, 10 icicle haldberds, 10 snow dispensers and 1 snow pitcher
for the first round which you need is one which gives you 2 event tickets to redeem 2 special rental units
which are.

santa claus
14 & 21/12/2017 christmas update 8j3D13J
14 & 21/12/2017 christmas update RZWALv0
14 & 21/12/2017 christmas update BwUl6pT

and reindeer girl
14 & 21/12/2017 christmas update AbNATQF
14 & 21/12/2017 christmas update GOXjxC6

for 1 event ticket 3 each
they last for 14 days

and you can even view their skin pallete

didnt care about the reindeer

so heres santa
14 & 21/12/2017 christmas update LwhX9TM
14 & 21/12/2017 christmas update GDf0XXS
14 & 21/12/2017 christmas update JOWJhlK
14 & 21/12/2017 christmas update WFJRKER
santa have no eyes!

and you can kinda skin them, but only at very few places
if you tried to save their skin pngs, it will only show up as a blank white square in your folder.

14 & 21/12/2017 christmas update 1vK4CaX
14 & 21/12/2017 christmas update VtXljop
a pain in the ass to hit small enemies with it
as the snowmen bounces off to random places
14 & 21/12/2017 christmas update X5fkX0T

at least the snow dispenser cound land hits properly
14 & 21/12/2017 christmas update Hy7OaJ7
14 & 21/12/2017 christmas update BV5JRau

you can upgrade icicle haldberd to its star version which is far stronger than the original
14 & 21/12/2017 christmas update MNH0nHF
if you can get 300 gift boxes, you could build it, though if you want any more of that, you will have to hunt in sand snow dego or end of mememory for them but they dont drop easily

and snow dispenser have a star version but guess what it needs?
10 snow dispensers? no.
10 proto charge beam cannons!
14 & 21/12/2017 christmas update 0AtGtRN
which is not an easy task to get them

till 28/12/2017

for this week special dungeon capture campaign
doing each quest get you 5 mt, 1big robonium for normal dungeons and 1 gold robonium for deep dungeons and 6 special gift boxes

normal : kambi, geo, pitaro
deep: pold, kambi, fulby

and on these following days, doing the quest on that specific date will get you 5 mt, 1 repair pack 2000, 6 special gift boxes and 1 gold robonium+ and 5mt, 6 special gift boxes and 3 gold robonium on the last day

23/12/2017 - pitaro deep
24/12/2017 - geo deep
25/12/2017 - kappa gernia (and difficulty)

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14 & 21/12/2017 christmas update
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