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 11/28/2017 Update

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(?) About Bastagant

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11/28/2017 Update Empty
PostSubject: 11/28/2017 Update   11/28/2017 Update EmptyTue Nov 28, 2017 6:36 am

Hello from the CosmicBreak Service Team. Weekly Maintenance is complete!


Miruru Heats up Halloween

Miruru's hankering for Halloween treats has put her in a bit of a bind as she calls upon Cosmic Heroes to gather precious [Pumpkin Cookies] to satisfy her hunger lest she be forced to play a trick on you.

- Pumpkin Cookies and Halloween Can Badges may be obtained from each game mode.
- Pumpkin Cookies may be traded with the event NPC [Miruru] for various prizes.
- Halloween Can Badges are tallied at the end of the event and prizes are awarded to the players who gather the most.

Pumpkin Cookies may be obtained from:
- Missions
- Arcantus
- Bastagant

The event runs for two weeks and ends on the 12/12 maintenance.


Drop+ Campaign

The Drop+ Campaign has begun and will run for 2 weeks, adding a number of rare items and prizes to the Union Wars drop pool.
One of the following items will be randomly awarded upon the completion of any Union Wars battle.

- [Ro] Chibi Cube ALPHA
- Slot Protector Omega
- Slot Protector Alpha
- Cosmo Harmonics Beta
- Hyper Element Set
- Mine Shooter Mod [1 slot]
- Mine Shooter Mod [0 slot]
- Fish Beamgun [1 slot]
- Fish Beamgun [0 slot]
- Missile Rain [1 slot]
- Missile Rain [0 slot]
- Draw Boomerang [1 slot]
- Draw Boomerang [0 slot]
- Dark Mist BS [1 slot]
- Dark Mist BS [0 slot]
- Cartridge Reset ALL
- D Limit Remove LV3
- D Cartridge Reset ALL
- [SP] Lotto Cube

Additionally, the following items have been added to the Union Wars, Epoch Battle, Legion Battle, and CHAOS Battle drop tables.
- Rosario Shield
- Pumpkin Burner
- Coffin Shield
- Gale Scythe
- Rosario Shield O
- Pumpkin Burner B
- Coffin Shield S
- Candy Cane R
- Candy Cane G
- Candy Cane B
- Chocolate Banana
- J&B's Ice Cream
- Lantern Gun
- [Ro] Devil Pepo-chan

Tuning and Core Tuning rates have also been improved by 10% for the duration of the event.


Clan Fight System


Clan Fight is a game mode that allows clans to compete against each other every week! Check it out by clicking on the Clan Fight Info button underneath Epoch Battle on the Arena menu.

The Regular Clan Fights scheduled are 12/3, 12/16, 12/23, 12/31 at 19:00 - 20:30 server time. To participate, register your team from the Clan Fight screen after the event has started. Teams that register will be automatically matched up with each other.

For more information about prizes and more specific rules, click here.
*Regular Clan Fights give out 3 Clan Coins to Winners! You will receive 1 Clan Coin, even if your team loses!



Balance Adjustments
Magical C.S.' Demonfox Haku Soul attack "SWORD STAFF" has been changed so that the 1st hit in its combo attack has a greater reach.

Magical C.S.' Demonfox Haku Soul attack "GUARD" has been changed to grant the All Guard and Crimson Veil effects on activation.

Nebel's Blitz B Machinegun has been adjusted as follows.
- Force 12 -> 19

Nebel's Connect Blast has been adjusted as follows:
- Force 32 -> 41

Nebel LG has been adjusted as follows:
- Target tracking improved.
- Status duration increased.
- Increased boost gauge recovery when inflicting stuns on afflicted targets.

Nebel's exclusive WB unit Connection has been adjusted as follows:
- WB gauge charges passively.
- WB gauge depletes fully when cancelled early.
- Boost gauge depletion reduced when using dash actions while WB unit is active.

The Sword Drive cartridge, [Berserk Clearance] now has a 20% chance to activate.

The Sword Drive cartridge, [Revenge Sword] now has a 25% chance to activate.

The Sword Drive cartridge, [Lifetaker] now has a 30% chance to activate.



Fixed a bug in which Malca AM7's Force did not match the actual set values.

Fixed a bug in which Magical C.S. would play the wrong voice line when using Demonfox Haku Soul's "GUARD" skill.

Fixed a bug in which Angel Coins were no longer sellable for UC.

Fixed a bug in which Nemlim LG's "TUMBLE" would cause control errors.
Fixed a bug in which Nemlim-chan would sometimes play the wrong voice lines.
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11/28/2017 Update Empty
PostSubject: Re: 11/28/2017 Update   11/28/2017 Update EmptyTue Nov 28, 2017 6:52 am

- [Ro] Chibi Cube ALPHA
On a stupid RNG prize from UW again... Sad
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Police Is Watching You
Police Is Watching You

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11/28/2017 Update Empty
PostSubject: Re: 11/28/2017 Update   11/28/2017 Update EmptyTue Nov 28, 2017 8:11 am

OK, Time to build one of this nebel memes.
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Chased By Police
Chased By Police

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11/28/2017 Update Empty
PostSubject: Re: 11/28/2017 Update   11/28/2017 Update EmptyTue Nov 28, 2017 8:28 am

I would build one if she wasn't ugly af in game.
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11/28/2017 Update Empty
PostSubject: Re: 11/28/2017 Update   11/28/2017 Update Empty

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11/28/2017 Update
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