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PostSubject: Kuromukuro   Kuromukuro EmptySun Oct 29, 2017 3:23 pm

A really neat Mecha Anime I found out about. Kinda reminds me of Muv-Luv in ways.

Kuromukuro Visual_07_2

Kuromukuro takes place in a world where during an invasion of a synthetic alien race called the Efy-Dolgh, humanity steals away a super weapon of theirs called the Kuromukuro, which a samurai takes command of and vanquishes the said invaders, but goes MIA after the battle. Years later, the Kuromukuro and the samurai in stasis are recovered by the United Nations. While researching the ancient robot and helping the samurai get adjusted to modern day, the Efy-Dolgh return for a second wave, now stronger than before. The Samurai and his ancient robot now must stop this old threat just as he did in times past.
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