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 Popee the Performer

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PostSubject: Popee the Performer   Popee the Performer EmptyMon May 29, 2017 12:50 pm

A CGI Anime series that isn't exactly new, but a friend of mine introduced me to it. Personally, I have mixed feelings about the show. Some of the parts are really freakin funny, in a way like Itchy and Scratchy, Killed Kenny, Happy Tree Friends, and Dangan Ronpa are, but other parts are really horrifying too. I've only seen like half the episodes though, and perhaps some of you guys might like it more than I do?

It's called Popee The Performer

Popee the Performer Latest?cb=20150226145308

Basically, it's about a Tenacious, somewhat mean-spirited, and crazy performer in a bunny suit who is named Popee. He lives in a small circus set in the middle of a desert, where he constantly uses magic and does crazy stunts, trying to become a star performer. He has an assistant, who is a Wolf-Man named Kedamono, who always wears a mask to hide his face, and can magically make another mask appear under it, which he uses to show expres​sion(like when he changes expression, his current mask falls off and another mask with the other expression appears underneath). The two go through some crazy antics together, like accidentally sawing Kedamono in half then sticking his lower half on backwards, Popee being possessed by a strange frog, them playing "Bullet Tennis" after Popee goes mad and tries to shoot Kedamono, and more!

Later on in the series, another senior performer arrives, named "Papi" who wears a sun-like outfit and has a mustache. Papi I can't tell if he's supposed to be like their mentor or their rival, for stuff seems to hint at both in it, but things get twice as crazy when he shows up.

The series is mainly a Widget series of a bunch of 4-5 minute episodes, and is usually really funny, but other times quite scary (especially that Dream episode, which freaked the hell out of me, and is the last one I've seen so far). Also it is mostly silent, the characters never talk and you have to guess what they are saying by their actions. I currently have mixed opinions on it.

Anyone else here seen Popee the Performer?
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Popee the Performer
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