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 3/14/2017 Update

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God is a Cat Girl
Zwiebel Force
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What Abbey Get
What Abbey Get

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3/14/2017 Update  - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: 3/14/2017 Update    3/14/2017 Update  - Page 2 EmptyThu Mar 16, 2017 7:40 pm

@Maelstrom wrote:
Ppl like to associate every fucking thing to inferiority complex
for some reason that I can't understand...

It's pretty much that in a lot of online games. Why people hack, scam and the likes are because they want the easy way out.

Last edited by Kuzuha on Fri Mar 17, 2017 7:07 pm; edited 2 times in total
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Megane breaking a cane
Megane breaking a cane

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3/14/2017 Update  - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: 3/14/2017 Update    3/14/2017 Update  - Page 2 EmptyThu Mar 16, 2017 7:51 pm

I agree with kuzuha here. If you are bound to lose. You lose. You won't lose anything in CB unlike other games where they DERANK YOUR PRIVILEGE WITH VIRTUAL POINTS.
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3/14/2017 Update  - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: 3/14/2017 Update    3/14/2017 Update  - Page 2 EmptyTue Mar 21, 2017 6:23 am

@Sakura1 wrote:
This game is shit,

this gara is shit,

I just want my Eve already . w .

Eve has been in some ticket gara for a long time

@Sakura1 wrote:
I like how u guys are straight on enforcing a simple statement that people fag bc of Inferiority complex

its like saying people who commit suicide, kill their self because they are sad.

not everything black and white

Everything in C.$. games is fag/gay/homo and fag/gay/homo (gay ART, fag AIR... homora), just phrased differently since every game has their own way of phrasing it

Never managed to get even a single Maid Serieux, that rate was low AF
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Ace Poster
Ace Poster

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3/14/2017 Update  - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: 3/14/2017 Update    3/14/2017 Update  - Page 2 EmptyTue Mar 21, 2017 7:38 am

@God is a Cat Girl wrote:
@LazFlamme wrote:
@Sakura1 wrote:
im just tired of art walls appearing in a match and the game totally becoming inbalance bc the lands wont do shit, so people have to bring bapho in order to balance the match which in exchange ddestroy the match completely so this " balance " is nothing but an excuse to use bapho's now gtfo

More like the LNDs can't do shit.
LNDs excel in melee. So what? ART walls can shut them down before they can approach. Sometimes even with crimson veil on. The last time I used an Ivis, this dudeKamakept spamming golden veil on me.
Also, as mentioned in some other thread, LNDs have a hard time locking onto certain other ARTs. Either they fly too fast or they have crimson veil as well.  (Looking at you Sasha!)
It takes a fuckton of HP and sometimes last stand for LNDs to do shit these days, so Bapho it is.

Not updating the basics is to blame. At first it wasn't a problem since not everyone had well tuned bots so many arts were very slow, so lnds didn't need to be that broken and airs still got a chance to get away with their speed (it's okay when they run away, it's not okay when they just don't die while attacking arts).

But when people fully tune the issue from movement changes being bonuses and not completely different stats really hurts the balance, lnds need to be more and more broken to deal with high tier arts which completely obliterates everyone in tiers below without a chance and other types also need so and it becomes a vicious cycle. Plus other bullshit like charge delay on airs, guaranteed stuns against types that shouldn't be affected by such things (arts shouldn't have guaranteed stuns against lnds, same for airs on arts and lnd on airs), etc.

People fag because they are allowed to, and unless no one fags the moment someone does, it easily ruins the fun for others, which in turn they need to step up to be able to do anything and not just constantly being shat on. Just because someone can magically do something or are masochists it doesn't mean others should be. Arguments like "git gud" also are nothing but bullshit, people shouldn't need to spend hours with the same shit to get any good in a casual environment more the less spending countless hours so they can finally have fun, by then they are already sick of the game and expecting people to do so for so little return is just retarded.

The other day I had fun with a retuned Nicole Knight for a couple of matches despite her stupid flaws, but when the teams change and then everything I have to fight against has 1 mile blast radius it's just not fun to use her anymore. She struggles to get her bit on and when she finally does everything else will 1 shot her bit and shit on her and there's nothing I can do besides go back getting her bit on (going through hell again) or just let her die and pick something that can actually fight all that bullshit, usually what is good against bullshit is bullshit itself. You could say I shouldn't use her and use something better but that's the same shit as people using fagbots because anything better to deal with fagbots might as well be a fagbot as well.
Also, this is an example, I could change the bot and the only difference would be things like having to charge and use the bit being changed with weapons or other facts.

Fun is but relative and you shouldn't expect people to have fun the same way you do, and honestly when the game can't get more than 2 full rooms outside of the first days of card shits, the way you have fun most likely isn't the way most people will have fun, that's why they aren't playing and why they are gone.

^ All of this, game just isn't "fun" anymore when you are limited or tied up on the "choice" out of list of "choices". Some may argue fun =/= Win. But screw this, everyone wants to win, it's a fact. In this game to win by using your own customize units brings satisfaction, which rewards your effort. But when no matter what you do your broad sword + abc/xyz/123 (or all 3)  will never be stronger then a stock excalibur, something's wrong.
Which in Cb wise, means newer units. They will always had newer units which will carries on reign more and more supreme to the older ones.
Screw customization, screw built, screw play styles and skills. It all comes down to which side can deploy more of those >.>
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3/14/2017 Update  - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: 3/14/2017 Update    3/14/2017 Update  - Page 2 Empty

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3/14/2017 Update
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