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 01/12/2016 updates (updated)

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01/12/2016 updates (updated) Empty
PostSubject: 01/12/2016 updates (updated)   01/12/2016 updates (updated) EmptyThu Dec 01, 2016 5:45 am

first up, this week rookie questcampaign features a mirale HW(halloween over alright)
what you need is
3 junk : k nonna hd and bs
3 repair pack 500 : k nonna bd and yunessa lg
3 coal tar : yunessa hd, am
3 repair pack 1000 : yunessa am, a mirale bd2
10 gold : a mirale hd2, bs2
1 fulby proof : tuning mist 50(c)

after thats done, a mirale will have a quest for that gives a ticket that can be used to redeemed a full mirale hw in the event zone via the dungeon teleporter

01/12/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161201_1133_41_508_zps2s0iohc2
01/12/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161201_1134_14_937_zpsrdabkvvk
01/12/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161201_1133_51_106_zpsfrjhd0ex
01/12/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161201_1134_00_205_zpsxj1ii9lm

though.. shes basically a halloween theme reskin

and now
brink, sledgehelm from cb and Raiouzenwhich is a new original is added in mega gacha sp

type art
01/12/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161201_1050_57_397_zpssurxnnst
01/12/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161201_1050_59_746_zps7bwndfzh
01/12/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161201_1051_03_679_zpsokvhm2uj
01/12/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161201_1051_02_347_zps7mnafafz
though main weapon is basically 2-3 way heatgun shots  and hammer  sub was pretty meh...

art as usual
01/12/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161201_1049_56_422_zpsxwrklcbu
01/12/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161201_1050_06_503_zps1cmwq0ti
01/12/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161201_1050_03_865_zps6uuw69uw
01/12/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161201_1049_59_280_zps6urrxrc8
01/12/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161201_2203_43_224_zpsf8t3zpqv
01/12/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161201_2204_52_440_zpsznjtrstp
01/12/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161201_2206_51_940_zps8wxh2jil
01/12/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161201_2204_59_390_zpsfhe1yce7
01/12/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161201_2205_23_854_zpsvhrsseca
01/12/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161201_2205_40_504_zpsxw4tejnd
01/12/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161201_2206_15_740_zps4d1pijav
01/12/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161201_2206_12_093_zpssqs96uiv
01/12/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161201_2207_42_783_zps8cclsi43
01/12/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161201_2207_56_873_zpslotxg7gk
alot better than its cb counterpart

type lnd
01/12/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161201_1050_18_131_zpsova5cwpm
01/12/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161201_1050_27_763_zpsqpkajxlr
01/12/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161201_1050_48_480_zpspbiaposz
01/12/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161201_1050_37_745_zpsexeipcyw
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01/12/2016 updates (updated) Empty
PostSubject: Re: 01/12/2016 updates (updated)   01/12/2016 updates (updated) EmptySun Dec 04, 2016 4:21 pm

What's the A.Mirale quest about though ?
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01/12/2016 updates (updated) Empty
PostSubject: Re: 01/12/2016 updates (updated)   01/12/2016 updates (updated) EmptyTue Dec 06, 2016 10:55 pm

I just got to know today, i can do a search (trial and error) but don't spend the night waiting for results, actually, it would be way better for others to actually spend their time trying too.

By the way i took the week off from my usual threads because Rho made a post early, no point repeating that.
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01/12/2016 updates (updated) Empty
PostSubject: Re: 01/12/2016 updates (updated)   01/12/2016 updates (updated) EmptyThu Dec 08, 2016 10:49 am

okay so

according to a guy I know, this quest is cleared by doing the daily dungeons on the week-ends and Friday/Monday

If someone could get this week's for tomorrow that'd be right swell...
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01/12/2016 updates (updated) Empty
PostSubject: Re: 01/12/2016 updates (updated)   01/12/2016 updates (updated) Empty

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01/12/2016 updates (updated)
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