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 27/10/2016 updates

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27/10/2016 updates Empty
PostSubject: 27/10/2016 updates   27/10/2016 updates EmptyFri Oct 28, 2016 9:02 pm

second half of halloween is added
on the entrance, you will be able to skip all the way to the end of the dungeon
27/10/2016 updates ScreenShot_20161027_1417_20_439_zpsw2ijtrgz

which have a requirement
which is pretty much handing over 500 halloween crystals and that py core

however to activate the gates, you have to take up a sub quest
look for this npc in pold base and accept his quest
27/10/2016 updates E3838fe383ade382a6e382a3e383b3e382afe382a8e382b9e38388_01
and dont forget to pick up p mona's quest again

now you have to go to the infected areas (which are selected poyeen maps that are turned into their destroyed counterpart, you dont have to go to destroyed poyeen)
27/10/2016 updates ScreenShot_20161027_0425_40_070_zps2sqzorvc
the infected area spawn destroyed poyeen mobs  and drop halloween goods
not to mention some times, there will ba a sudden mission of the infected zones
27/10/2016 updates ScreenShot_20161028_0745_01_038_zps2hjhbiuh
which gives you some halloween cyrstal* and a halloween theme part

you have to take down 3 shadow bears which shows up in one particular map

and once done, return and completed the quest and you can now activate the gates

there are 3 difficulties, easy , normal and instead of hard, its master,(you will know why once you give it a try)
best done with a big group rly

27/10/2016 updates ScreenShot_20161027_0442_22_253_zpsbnmkd50h
take her down anyway
and she can also drain your en
27/10/2016 updates ScreenShot_20161027_0442_40_632_zpsa6cmh9mq
phase 2
27/10/2016 updates ScreenShot_20161027_0442_44_399_zps5lhajp9g
27/10/2016 updates ScreenShot_20161027_0443_00_597_zpsj2ukjhxr
phase 3
destroyed poyeen boss minus the back mounted cannon (true normal difficulty route version)
along with 2 p monas
27/10/2016 updates ScreenShot_20161027_0443_06_229_zpsb792zvf7

27/10/2016 updates ScreenShot_20161027_0444_48_436_zpsmecgozdl

at the end you will guranted to get 8 halloween crystals * and most of the time, gale scythes and not very often py cores.
27/10/2016 updates ScreenShot_20161027_0444_57_479_zps36ffpdej

once done, talk to both p mona and the other npc that is shown
for a halloween rod G(green) and 10 halloween crystal *

phase 1
even stronger p mona
27/10/2016 updates ScreenShot_20161027_1422_39_686_zps0mwbshxc

phase 2
true hard mode version of that bugger
27/10/2016 updates ScreenShot_20161027_1422_59_844_zpsasqu0jbc

and not you only have to keep your eyes on the boss, you also gotta dodge lasers.(they are unkillable) the lasers does a big lot of damage
try not to move too much
27/10/2016 updates ScreenShot_20161027_1423_15_729_zpsknrrkmoe
27/10/2016 updates ScreenShot_20161027_1427_08_091_zpsi6ecxgps
27/10/2016 updates ScreenShot_20161027_1423_23_083_zpssadi8mxj

phase 3
p mona, that , and the halloween boss from the past 2 years
27/10/2016 updates ScreenShot_20161027_1423_29_373_zps9nxyykfa
27/10/2016 updates ScreenShot_20161027_1424_09_527_zpsayquohqc

when cleared, you will always get 10 halloween crystal * which is a good way to get 270+ of them for that quests
27/10/2016 updates ScreenShot_20161027_1424_19_709_zps89muqszg

and theres a halloween crystal gacha to waste them for some goods
27/10/2016 updates ScreenShot_20161028_1242_16_414_zpspii8qyhv
27/10/2016 updates ScreenShot_20161028_1242_18_691_zpsjktajepm

* version
27/10/2016 updates ScreenShot_20161028_1223_07_061_zps1pu8g5hj
27/10/2016 updates ScreenShot_20161028_1223_10_577_zpsirdnlblm
27/10/2016 updates ScreenShot_20161028_1223_19_329_zpsglldlwja

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27/10/2016 updates
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