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 20/10/2016 updates (updated)

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20/10/2016 updates (updated) Empty
PostSubject: 20/10/2016 updates (updated)   20/10/2016 updates (updated) EmptyWed Oct 19, 2016 11:31 pm

voting results are up
first place is a mirale
2nd is yunessa
3rd is k nona
4th is f ruhl
5th is mizuha
6th is sheeno
7th is liffey
8th is pelena
and last place is blume.

and which for the quest to get a mirale parts, you need
1 pold proof, 1 kambi proof, 1 pitaro proof, 20 halloween cookies, 20 halloween chocolates, 30 halloween cookies for a halloween rod p mona uses

also halloween campaign starts
20/10/2016 updates (updated) 161020_hallowin

you can access the dungeon via the premium zone

and it has easy, normal and hard difficulty as usual

the dungen layout is almost the same as the past years
except with minor changes
the 2nd floor
20/10/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161020_1507_40_355_zpsjskfj0tu
where the stones are place, are now more convinient to get

drops and rewards varies by difficulty
if lucky, you can get tomb , coffin shields and more bat amjs as drops

and the dungeon boss this time are the 2 witches themselves
which varies by difficulty
blonde- easy
red hair - normal

hard- both
20/10/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161020_0424_12_704_zpskdcohxik
except this time they are larger than before
20/10/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161020_1301_01_015_zpsxdagojmi

rewards are literally the same which varies by difficulty
and you can still get the spine on hard...

after you have defeated the boss, you will see this along with the exit
20/10/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161020_1458_04_729_zpshwl2tsoe

talk to it to do a quest which it demands for halloween crystals (black)
however, it wont give anything in return and it will ask you to gather more
from 50 -100-150-200 (you have the clear the dungeon again each time to enter there)
and it wants a py core after that
20/10/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161024_1146_06_431_zpsfog5d4d8
how to get it?
for a one time, look for the shop owner who is disguised as white sabbath
and give him 5 py cores from destroyed poyeen for one in return
how to get more? no idea for now
and once done
20/10/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161025_0757_39_479_zpsjztiut8v

go to pold base and look for p mona
20/10/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161025_0759_36_651_zps8mknv0wa
and you will receive a set of her (minus her rod)

not to mention
on the dungeon entrace, the 2 witches will be there for quests
the blonde wants you to clear the dungeon for a permanent summon item
and the red hair wants halloween crystal ★
for a total of 273 , you will get another full a mirale set, 2 gale scythe ★, 10 big pumpkin scythes,
3 big cookie shields , 2 grand tomb a shields, 1 grand coffin shield

dont worry, you will get 140 halloween crystals ★ by logging in daily for 5 each day till 16/11/2016
which somehow lessens the amount you need to get into 133

new recipes are added
20/10/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161025_0802_56_582_zpsbuhtdctv
20/10/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161025_0802_52_349_zpsnlcqnmzh
20/10/2016 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20161025_0803_35_732_zpsrrj1iujh

mass produced v unken and crayguy are added in login gacha lv 3

till 11-03-2016, mt login gacha is added
which you can get 5 mt for 7 login capsules
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20/10/2016 updates (updated)
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