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 2016/5/19 Update - Drop Shadows

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2016/5/19 Update - Drop Shadows Empty
PostSubject: 2016/5/19 Update - Drop Shadows   2016/5/19 Update - Drop Shadows EmptyThu May 19, 2016 8:33 am

Greetings Cosmic Fighters!
Maintenance is now over. Thank you for your patience

Return of the Three Sisters

2016/5/19 Update - Drop Shadows Bnr_160428_0
The girls are back! And this time they are sporting gear whose forms are based off certain renowned robots.

2016/5/19 Update - Drop Shadows Returnthreesisters
One day the three sisters were getting the details for their next mission, and when it was revealed that they were not going to be provided with gear this time around they had to make do. These new forms are ever so powerful, look forward to demolishing you opponents with this new found strength.

New Drops in Haunted

2016/5/19 Update - Drop Shadows Hauntedshadowdrop

Shadow Crimrose, Shadow Lunastasia, and Shadow Fiona are now drops in all Haunted and Onslaught leagues. These new forms are a bit stronger than their normal counterparts. Aquiring these drops will be a challenge as these drops are extremely rare, and only the most lucky will get these drops.


2016/5/19 Update - Drop Shadows Onslaughtveryhard

Yes, that league that was already hard to begin with has just gotten even more difficult. This mode is for only those who posses the skills and courage to take on ruthless opponents.

Ranker Challenge Renewed

2016/5/19 Update - Drop Shadows Ranker

The Ranker Challenges have been renewed. Here is a list of all the prizes for this event.

Ranks 38-40
 -Cosmos Memory IV x7
 -Hardended Metal II x5
 -Success Booster 30%
Ranks 34-37
 -Cosmos Memory IV x5
 -Ductile Metal II x5
 -Success Booster 30%
Ranks 31-33
 -EXP100% ALPHA x2
 -UC100% ALPHA x2
 -Success Booster 20%
Ranks 26-30
 -EXP100% ALPHA x1
 -UC100% ALPHA x1
 -Success Booster 20% x1
Ranks 23-25
 -EXP50% ALPHA x2
 -UC50% ALPHA x2
 -Recovery Drink x2
Ranks 21 and 22
 -EXP50% ALPHA x1
 -UC50% ALPHA x1
 -Recovery Drink x1

*Prizes and rules may change.

*Only users who exhibit a change in their rank are considered eligible for these prizes, with the exception of players who were at ranks 38, 39, and 40 when the event started. (i.e. You must have ranked up at at least once during the period of the event).

*Finally, only your final rank on the final day of the event will be considered when prizes are paid out. (e.g. If you reach rank 40, but then rank down to rank 31; and did not rank up any further for the remainder of the event, then you will only receive prizes from the tier corresponding to that final rank.

Battle Campaign Renewed

The battle campaign has been renewed. The new items added to the list of prizes are: Loretta's Missile Container, Rikka's Remote Gun, and Lunastasia's Machine Gun.

2016/5/19 Update - Drop Shadows 20160519_battle_campaign_rewards

Fashion Contest Results

2016/5/19 Update - Drop Shadows Bnr_1604142
The winners of the fashion contest have been decided. Please take a look in the forums for a list of all the winners please visit this link.

End of Score Challenge

The Total Score Challenge has ended, we will everyone scores for the period the event took place. Payout will happen next week.

Garapons Leaving the Store

Next week the Lily Rain Garapon, the Miia Garapon, and the Limited MEGA Garapo will be leaving the store. We hope you had your fill of these garapons, and we look forward to bringing new ones soon!

Zero Pieces Reset

Zero pieces have been reset. The next reset will happen in August. Have fun until then.
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2016/5/19 Update - Drop Shadows Empty
PostSubject: Re: 2016/5/19 Update - Drop Shadows   2016/5/19 Update - Drop Shadows EmptySat May 21, 2016 10:30 am

They should drop this and rebuild the concept from scrath.
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2016/5/19 Update - Drop Shadows
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