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 21/04/2016 updates

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21/04/2016 updates Empty
PostSubject: 21/04/2016 updates   21/04/2016 updates EmptyThu Apr 21, 2016 7:16 am

1 week gacha sp is added which have a pretty bland line up.

on 28/04/2016, a code from onigiri100 will be available for input except I don't think you can sign up for that game since its shutting down next week anyway
and I don't even know how to obtain that code...

blitz pawnger this time
21/04/2016 updates E382a2e383abe38390e382a4e382bfe383bce381aee3818ae6898be4bc9de3818411
not doing it.

till 28/04/2016, rewards in both fulby ruins, "keimu" (which is at dasd) and norodoro ruins are doubled

by clearing fulby, pitaro and geothermal powerplant, you get 1 mt and 1 big robonium for each quest cleared

on 21,23 and 24th, there will be an emergency mission which is delgonov and delserker.
clear either mission for 5 mt
and pick up all 6 quest from the npcs for 6 gacha tickets and 18 mt by doing 21 times of each mission

delgonov at 1600-1700 and 2300-2400
delserker on 1300-1400 and 1900-2000

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21/04/2016 updates Empty
PostSubject: Re: 21/04/2016 updates   21/04/2016 updates EmptyThu Apr 21, 2016 7:52 pm

Blitz Pawnger

x10 Repair Pack 250 = HD
x5 EN pack 1000 = x2 AM
x3 Poyeen Crystal = BD
x3 Organic Oil = LG
x1 Solar Armor = BS
Proof of domination (that dungeon on gernia with the multiple octopus bosses with shared HP) = Tunning mist (50)

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21/04/2016 updates
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