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 2016/02/18 Update

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2016/02/18 Update Empty
PostSubject: 2016/02/18 Update   2016/02/18 Update EmptyMon Feb 22, 2016 1:16 am

I hope no one minds, but I figured that since no one else is doing this, I would take matters into my own hands and post the 2016/02/18 Update myself.

Greetings Cosmic Fighters,

The maintenance is now over! Thank you for your patience.

Here is the new content added today!



Silva is a taciturn girl participating in the Cosmic League in hopes of getting her lost memories back. With her armored fangs, she's tearing her way to victories and to her old companion...
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Silva is a New Cosmoloid from the Panzer class specialized in 1 on 1 fights with devastating attack combinations.
She has 3 attack types: normal right click attack, attack while moving forward (holding W key) and attack while moving backward (holding S key). It is possible to perform various attack combinations based on these 3 attacks.

★Normal Attack★

2016/02/18 Update 0032016/02/18 Update 004
Left, right, left simple combo attack.

★Forward Attack★

2016/02/18 Update 007-300x2252016/02/18 Update 008-300x2252016/02/18 Update 009-300x225
Dashing attack that let you slip through your enemy for a final back attack.

★Backward Attack★

2016/02/18 Update 0052016/02/18 Update 006-300x225First tearing attack from above and second attack with crossed arms.

●Assault Lily Rain

2016/02/18 Update 010

Lily Rain is now also available as an Assault Cosmoloid!

With 2 blades on her back and a long sword in her hands, she can attack in various ways from close to midrange.

Both Silva and Assault Lily Rain are available in the Front-line Girls Garapon.

●New Maps

2 new maps have been added to Zero leagues!

[Green Winds]
2016/02/18 Update 002 2016/02/18 Update 001

[RELIC Towers]
2016/02/18 Update 0041 2016/02/18 Update 0031

The new stage Green Winds doesn't have that many altitude variations so it'll be easy for team members to quickly sweep the horizon and find each other.
On the other hand, RELIC Towers topography makes it important for team members to bypass obstacles on their way to the opponent team territory.

Another important change has been made exclusively in these 2 maps: not 1 but 2 towers will spawn at the same time for each team. A new Tower Rule that should put emphasis on teamwork and more aggressive strategies.
At last, these 2 new maps will also allow battles up to 20 vs 20!

●Cosmo Piece Update

・EXP +1000 Ticket has been added in both ZERO Piece ALPHA and OMEGA lists.

・Three Sisters Piece has been removed from the Monthly Piece Lists.

●New Game Mode coming

The 3rd of March, a new type of league will be added: Onslaught!



The new Onslaught mode differs from the other leagues as there is no cool down after attacks.
In other words, it is possible to attack or use Shift Actions multiple times in a row leading to a new and fresh way of battling!

Moreover, the period when tower gauge is maxed and interval between 2 tower appearances will decrease but the support effects will be even more powerful. The key to victory here will be attacking while defending your Tower at the same time!

The Onslaught mode will allow between 10 to 15 participants for each battle.
Also, the battle difficulty will be adjusted between 3 levels depending on the League Rank of team members.

When the enemy Battle Points (BP) reach 0, you win the battle and get the chance to obtain some materials needed for the new spheres to be added the 3rd of March as well!

・Onslaught Time Slots・

ZERO Prime and Master League times will be adjusted as the following.

・ZERO Prime Time Slots・

・ZERO Master Time Slots・

●Bug fixes and Balance adjustments

◆Bug Fixes◆

● The bug causing Hound Dog AM enhanced attack to not hit has been fixed.

● The bug causing the following parts to have their specs changed after a grade change has been fixed.

Smash Beam Rifle
Ogre Sword Mod

● The description of the following cartridges have been edited to match their actual specs.

2nd SHIFT Action: Stomp (S)
2nd SHIFT Action: Chain Shot (S)
2nd SHIFT Action: Ballistic Dash (S)
2nd SHIFT Action: Phantom Glide (S)
2nd SHIFT Action: Heavy Impact (S)
2nd SHIFT Action: Drop Bomb [Slow] (S)

● The bug causing to show a wrong name when choosing the weapon from Cross RaptorCore and Cross RaptorCore2 has been fixed.

● The bug causing to display unnatural UV on the back of Audrit, Costume broke, has been fixed.

● The bug causing the Parts details on the Parts tree of the Customize Screen to not show properly has been fixed.

● The bug causing Vanguard Axer's Bardiche to have a smaller first step than the range written on the description has been fixed.

● The bug causing alteration effects to disable the enhancement of Assault Step on an attack enhanced by a 2nd SHIFT Action after the use of Assault Step has been fixed. Now, alteration effects disable the 2nd SHIFT Action enhancement.

● The bug causing the attack with Rei's Sword Mk.II to not end has been fixed.

● The bug causing to trigger Winberrl's Shift Action Bind Thorn even in midair has been fixed.

● The bug causing occasionally the Boost Running effect to continue even after landing on the ground when used during an Air Running has been fixed.

● The bug causing occasionally the Parts information chosen in the Cosmo Piece menu to overlay on the [Make a Wish!] Button has been fixed.

● The bug causing the actual firing range of lily Rain Parts' main weapons listed below to be shorter than what written on their description has been fixed. Also, the bug causing the alteration and support effects towards the firing range and speed to not activate has been fixed.

Trance Skirt Trance Skirt II Trance Skirt III Trance Skirt IV

● Lorreta's shift Action: Drive By Bomber. The bug causing Loretta to give her support effect to an ally she attacked has been fixed.

● Lancerlot AM's enhanced attack. The bug causing the ammunition to not decrease when used in the air has been fixed.

● Blazed Baron AM3. The bug causing the attack range and effect of the second normal attack, or second enhanced attack when not in flames, to be wrong and out of position has been fixed.

● The bug causing the temporary impossibility to trigger Alpha Striking after having fired with a main weapon that doesn't shoot in Alpha Striking mode has been fixed.

● Palmier's Shift Action: Butterfly Reflect. The bug causing occasionally a game client forced shut down after the counter trigger has been fixed. Also, the bug causing Palmier to give her support effect to an ally she attacked has been fixed.

● Haunted III. The bug causing occasionally towers to not reappear when they were destroyed at the same time has been fixed.

● VectorCore's Main Weapon. The bug causing the left arm to move when using the Main Weapon has been fixed.

● The bug causing occasionally a game client forced shut down when returning to the Lobby after a battle has been fixed.

◆Balance adjustments◆

● AquilaCore2: Power decreased.

● SturbangerCore2: Power decreased.

● Shift Actions Phantom Glide and Tearing Dive: Cool down period decreased.
*2nd SHIFT Action Cartridges are not covered.

● AchtsiebenAM: Power and interval periods decreased. Ammunition increased. Reload time decreased.

● Compact Gatling, Buster Gatling, Huge Gatling, Gatling Gigante Mod and Beam Gatling: Ammunition and firing range increased. Charge time decreased.

● Fiona's Beam Gatling: Charge time decreased.

● Vanguard Fencer's Shift Action, Combat Dash: Reload time decreased.

● Vanguard Axer's Shift Action, Vanguard Drive: Strengthening effect time decreased. Reload time increased.

● Vanguard Axer's Bardiche attack: Power decreased.

● Fiona's Trance Skirt, Trance Skirt II, Trance Skirt III and Trance Skirt IV: Main Weapon's power increased.

● Audrit's Parabola Launcher, Satellite Shooter and Beam Missile: Reload Time decreased.

● Wanders HD: Power and blast effect increased.

● Dismoke BS: Interval period decreased.

● GreinautCore's Attraction Field and Repulsion Field: Reload time and Interval period decreased. Assist points decreased.

● Crimrose's Crimson Edge I and II: Blast effect added to the enhanced attack.

● Fiona's Shift Action, Angel Float: Depending on her grade, the [Fire rate increase] effect has been extended. On Grade S only, [Reload time decrease] effect has been added.

● ToyboxCore: Blast effect increased. The range of the automatic explosion feature when getting closer to an enemy in the air has been enlarged.

● PulsardioCore: Even if hits other bullets, it won't explode anymore.

● Sharhead LG: Reload time added.

● Boildeck AM: Power increased. Reload time decreased.

● EstesCore's Shift Action, Estes Charge: When [Sway] is used, the [Boost consumption decrease] effect has been added to the existing effect.

● Parts where Max. Power or Min. Power or both were decreasing after the Cosmoloid Grade up (Beetlander HD, etc): Power now remains unchanged.

● Towers in ZERO Prime League: Armor decreased. When the tower's gauge is maxed, armor doesn't recover anymore.

● Towers in ZERO Master League: Armor decreased. Armor recovering amount when the tower's gauge is maxed decreased.

● Both ZERO Leagues, map [Planet GLACIA]: Tower respawn location has changed.

● Matoi: The Strength gauge won't fill up if Tachyon Blade is not equipped.

● During battles: The period of invulnerability when respawning increased. A message and an icon will be displayed in the chat box when an effect starts and ends.

● Greinaut's Attraction Field and Repulsion Field, Winberrl's Binding Thorns: When an ally uses these sub weapons, the effect is now thinner.

● NPCs appearing in every challenge: The period of invulnerability when they spawn has been removed.

● Lancerlot AM's Sub Weapon: A reload time has been added.

● During League battles: The accuracy of the feature kicking out players with no activity for a certain time has been increased.


・In this Week-End Fever Time, Drop Rate, EXP and UC will increase by 1.2

・The second wave of Special Tickets will be sent to everyone who drew one of the Sisters in the Garapon until today.


See you in the Cosmic Crux soon!" />" />
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2016/02/18 Update Empty
PostSubject: Re: 2016/02/18 Update   2016/02/18 Update EmptyMon Feb 22, 2016 2:04 am

They need to allow us to play on the CB1 maps in normal Prime/Master leagues instead of exclusively ZERO versions.
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2016/02/18 Update Empty
PostSubject: Re: 2016/02/18 Update   2016/02/18 Update EmptyMon Feb 22, 2016 9:02 am

I agree. It's great to see some old maps return in Cosmic League.

Also, I wish they'd make more Limited Trials. I really wanna try out some of these new robots like I did with Clair and Ivis in those.

I mean this Silva looks so badass, I wanna see if she really lives up to the name. She's practically like XNFE meets Garnet!
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2016/02/18 Update Empty
PostSubject: Re: 2016/02/18 Update   2016/02/18 Update Empty

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2016/02/18 Update
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