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 12/11/2015 updates

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12/11/2015 updates Empty
PostSubject: 12/11/2015 updates   12/11/2015 updates EmptyThu Nov 12, 2015 7:46 am

special limited dungeon is added in premium zone
which is geothermal powerplant
and the following robots you can use are
both sturbanger mk 1 and mk 2
p mona along with her pumpkin rod
zero saber next ' along with bit gun mod' and paladin sword' (mt gacha versions does not count)
swift' along with multi mega beam gun' and f pile bunker' (same thing, mt gacha versions is a no)
gerkun (the original, not hygerkun and such)
both undismantable and dismantable wolfguys
heligal mk2
toy khan
prototype aoelius
mach knight
and lastly shooting gear 3

you can however mix and match
for 1 recommended match up,
pair up mach knight bd with gundrill lg for a speed travel build
but don't forget to stack up another bd and use a level flight bs (partically heligal mk2 bs) for the build to work at its fullest
and to use that build, while flying, stop pressing spacebar and use gundrill lg sub while chaining it with mach knight bd's sub(watch out for auto tracking though if theres an enemy nearby)

and the dungeon contents, the same ol stuff you can find on the previous limited dungeons
like frog lander hd2, tempole bd2, including weapons like a blaster and such
which are all tradable
and clear reward are the same as the actual dungeon, with the rather much said weapons from the previous campaigns

more order mistakes.
which is stild
12/11/2015 updates E696b0e4babae38390e382a4e38388e381aee3818ae6898be4bc9de381841
but im not bothering with it...

high priestol q and aruvite is added in login capsule gacha lv3

void dimension is back and its blue this time.
and which they put up blue weapons on both premium robo store and premium ticket gacha
to take on the later bosses in the dungeon that require blue weapons to inflict damage effectively

till 17/12/2015

and with that, ace braver is back in the premium store in the premium gate for 100 cosmic coins
which I can now show you all
to enter there, you need to buy a ticket which can be found in the robo store part section in the premium zone
for either 10 or 20 cosmic coins which has expiry date
if you just want to buy a specific something, just buy the 10 cosmic coin trial pass.
and once done, you can access it

12/11/2015 updates ScreenShot_20151112_0822_03_739_zpsqhvsztyg

12/11/2015 updates ScreenShot_20151112_0837_02_748_zpsbnmtbcki

12/11/2015 updates ScreenShot_20151112_0824_28_572_zpsroexexro

on your left, you see planet gates
if you went to either of them, you will be in the city of that planet you went to.
12/11/2015 updates ScreenShot_20151112_1136_55_281_zps1wkvkksa

and of course, theres a robo and item store

item store

till 24/12/2015 for ace braver.

by clearing pold, kambi and fulby ruins, you get 1 mt and 1 big robonium for each quest cleared

till 26/11/2015, kishiton will have double clear rewards
and by clearing each path, you get prizes
path a
combine plus 10 x 1, 2 gald quart
path b
combine plus 10 x 1, 2 gald quart
path c
combine plus 25 x1, 1 gold coin
all 3 cleared
5 mt , 1 pyroxene

alt routes do count

and by clearing each route multiple times, you also get prizes
path a
10-19: gadra fang x 1
20-29: gadra fang x 1 , gadra shaft x 1
30 above : 1 tough neck, 1 gadra skull, 1 gadra shaft, 1 gadra fang
both routes count

path b
10-19:イントストーン x1
20-29:イントストーン x2
30 above: イントストーンx2, wisdom core x1
both routes count

path c
10-19: Anubis shaft x 1
20-29: Anubis shaft x2
30 above: Anubis fang x1, Anubis shaft x2

alt path c route
10-19: tainted claw x 1
20-29: tainted claw x 2
30 above: gruesome evil eye x 1, 2 tainted nail

prizes will be distributed on 26/11/2015

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12/11/2015 updates
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