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 15/10/2015 updates (updated)

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15/10/2015 updates (updated) Empty
PostSubject: 15/10/2015 updates (updated)   15/10/2015 updates (updated) EmptyThu Oct 15, 2015 1:57 am

Halloween is here
and literally pold city is now taken over by demon force... (except for that arte maid who was still the same, and the other 3 was now in demon force colour scheme)
don't worry, those that are in the same place as those quest npcs are will still work the same as they were
15/10/2015 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20151015_0631_50_084_zps3ox6u0dz
sames goes for pold base..
15/10/2015 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20151015_0658_48_160_zpssezchdb9
15/10/2015 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20151015_0530_08_447_zpsxa0ajipl
15/10/2015 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20151015_0529_52_885_zpsujutp6jq
15/10/2015 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20151015_0640_08_521_zpsvvyktgsh
only exception in here was "item father" who barely changed..

and by talking to this delvin, you will be doing a chain quest for p morna parts.
15/10/2015 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20151015_0530_28_066_zps4abxss1s
15/10/2015 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20151015_0530_30_213_zpscvg1xz4t
15/10/2015 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20151015_0530_31_802_zpsubec7vz7
15/10/2015 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20151015_0530_33_036_zpsboqhfhfk
15/10/2015 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20151015_0530_34_397_zpssysdseup
15/10/2015 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20151015_0530_36_258_zps1zcubs1t

by order, you need
1 pold proof - hd
1 indigo proof - bs
1 geothermal powerplant proof - lg
20 Halloween cookies- am x 2
20 Halloween chocolate - bd
30 Halloween cookies - her handheld weapon
and that's it.

full p morna


and not to mention the dungeon is back, as sual, you can access it via the premium zone.
and this time.. both witches are outside the dungeon..
15/10/2015 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20151015_0704_07_765_zpscfejp17h
1 will be taking in Halloween crystal ★ for prizes which will be explain later.
and the other is just beating the dungeon for a summon item that summons 4 mobs at once for a limited time
15/10/2015 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20151015_0704_46_560_zpsusgt1m8l

for the halloween crystal
you can get them as a clear reward in the dungeon or exchange 10 recycle tickets for 1 via another npc.
15/10/2015 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20151015_0715_41_401_zpsu6eqo8ox

and for that witch's quest,
you will be needing multiple amounts of them for prizes
by order, you need
1- big pumpkin scythe
2-p morna lg
3- big pumpkin scythe
4-p morna am
5-big pumpkin scythe
6-p morna am
7-big pumpkin scythe
10-p morna bs
12-big cookie guard
15-big pumpkin scythe
17-big pumpkin scythe
20-p morna bd
21-big pumpkin scythe
25-big pumpkin scythe
37-p morna hd
30-big pumpkin scythe
33- big pumpkin scythe
35- big cookie guard and pumpkin rod

and while outside, you can find stacked pumpkins , despite them staring at you if your in range, they wont attack.
15/10/2015 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20151015_1604_54_137_zps16ccwhej
they can drop from Halloween cookies, chocolates, old Halloween parts.
which you can go for if your lazy to gather up cookies and chocolates in the dungeon for that quest.
but the process will take longer.

and the usual Halloween emergency mission is back
15/10/2015 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20151019_0925_29_883_zpsltc2tg7b
which has from a single cookie to a Halloween crystal to 2 new parts which will have a single Halloween crystal ★ with the new part as a clear reward, but you better get there quick or it will be too late by the time you reached to the destinated map.
and if you managed to , you better at least hit any of the targeted enemy or you get any clear reward.

new parts
pumpkin burner from cb
15/10/2015 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20151019_1355_16_891_zpsp1dtmtej
also from cb
15/10/2015 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20151019_1355_48_912_zpsa5bu3qni

15/10/2015 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20151019_1406_44_341_zpsgt0t0xhr
15/10/2015 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20151019_1359_42_187_zpsas6l1kpq
really good weapon, which you should get a couple of those.

novelty weapon, just use it as upgrade material for a certain weapon.
15/10/2015 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20151019_1359_51_238_zpsznxzrx4h
15/10/2015 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20151019_1359_44_737_zpsbti7qcty

15/10/2015 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20151019_1400_44_306_zpszrsdzgck
15/10/2015 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20151019_1401_18_689_zpsje1czvga

and new recipes are added in the laboratory
15/10/2015 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20151015_0718_49_010_zpsw8qhcdvj
15/10/2015 updates (updated) ScreenShot_20151015_0719_28_927_zpsd96b0kma

however.. both last weapon needed for both recipes are not implanted in game yet..

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Genuine Drunk
Genuine Drunk

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15/10/2015 updates (updated) Empty
PostSubject: Re: 15/10/2015 updates (updated)   15/10/2015 updates (updated) EmptyThu Oct 15, 2015 3:07 am

why does c21 still exist...
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Posts : 1391
Join date : 2010-12-05
Age : 30

15/10/2015 updates (updated) Empty
PostSubject: Re: 15/10/2015 updates (updated)   15/10/2015 updates (updated) EmptyThu Oct 15, 2015 3:33 am

@Esequienes? wrote:
why does c21 still exist...
you might as well ask why cb and yourself still exist
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15/10/2015 updates (updated) Empty
PostSubject: Re: 15/10/2015 updates (updated)   15/10/2015 updates (updated) Empty

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15/10/2015 updates (updated)
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