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 Cart Translations (CB2BR)

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Cart Translations (CB2BR) Empty
PostSubject: Cart Translations (CB2BR)   Cart Translations (CB2BR) EmptyMon Aug 17, 2015 3:01 pm

Well no need to link images for these as there is no need to match the scribble i guess o:

But before i get to the carts themselves, the carts now have a... "Tune" system per se.

Each grade of cartridge has an array of buffs that may be applied when the cart is installed.

By default the chance of having such buff applied is 40%, that chance can be raised by the use of Cosmic Chargers(Assuming they botched the translation of "Portador Cosmico" as that literally translates to Cosmic Carrier)

Chargers come in 5 Variations: Green, Green +1, Gold, Gold+1, Gold+2

Green chargers boost the chance of the buff being applied to 100%, Gold chargers not only boost the chance but they also boost the minimum value of the buff applied, i did not try the +1s and +2 variations yet, but i assume they add extra benefits.

Grade C Buffs:

Sub Weapon damage +1.0 ~ +3.0
Main Weapon damage +1.0 ~ +3.0

Grade B Buffs:

Armor +3 ~ +12
Buff Duration +5% ~ +15%
Debuff Duration +5% ~ +15%
Wonder Bit Duration +5% ~ +15%

Grade A Buffs:

Armor +2 ~ +15

Grade S Buffs:

Boost capacity +0.2 ~ +0.6
Run Speed +0.03 ~ +0.08
Flight Speed +0.03 ~ +0.08
Jump Speed +0.03 ~ +0.08

Now for the list(Not yet complete):

Grade C Carts -

Underdog - Activates when your position in the ranking is in the lower 25%s, +10% Damage resistance plus Effects:

Atirador(Shooter) - +30% Range and Speed on projectile weapons.
Briga(Brawl) - +15% Speed on melee attacks.
Eficiência De Impulso(Boost Efficiency) - Boost consumption cut in half.
Recarga de Impulso(Boost Recharge) - Boost Regen doubled.
Defesa(Defense) - 30% Damage resistance (Total, counting the default 10%)


Suporte Da Torre DEF(Tower Support DEF) - Whenever your tower buff is on, you will also get this effect:

Oculto(Hidden) - Enemies do not see you in their radars(Stealth)
Anti-Homing - Reduces the tracking of enemy projectile weapons.


Força Atordoante(Stun Power? These are literally revenge carts) - Whenever you are stunned you have 20% chance of:

Velocidade(Speed) - Gaining 2.0 Movement speed for 6 seconds
Mais Dakka(No idea what they're going for with dakka... But i'll translate this as Recharge Boost) - Weapon Recharge reduced by 50% for 6 seconds.
Voo(Flight) - Your boost gauge wont be consumed and your flight speed will be boosted by 10% for 6 seconds.
Espinho(Thorns) - Enemies that attack you with this effect active will be thrown back and you will receive reduced damage, lasts 3 seconds.
Atirador(Shooter) - Reduces Projectile damage by 20% for 3 seconds.
Berserker - Melee attack speed increased by 15% for 6 seconds.


Alerta De Mira(Aim Warning) - Whenever an enemy targets you, a red arrow will be pointing at them in your screen and their position will be displayed in the radar. (Without this cart the red arrow only appears when an enemy attacks you.)


Resistencia a Dano(Damage Resistance) Effects:

Retaguarda 5% (Behind 5%) - Reduces damage taken from behind by 5%
Resistencia A Briga 5%(Melee resistance 5%) - Damage taken by melee attacks reduced by 5%
Resistencia a Tiros 3% (Projectile Resistance 3%) - Damage taken by projectile weapons reduced by 3%
Retaguarda 7% (Behind 7%) - Reduces damage taken from behind by 7%
Resistencia A Briga 7%(Melee resistance 7%) - Damage taken by melee attacks reduced by 7%
Resistencia a Tiros 5% (Projectile Resistance 5%) - Damage taken by projectile weapons reduced by 5%


Conversão de Impulso(Boost Conversion) - Challenge reward, didnt work on mine yet.

Converter dano(Damage conversion) - ^


Movement carts(All Rank C movement carts are marked as Output Baixo(Low Output)  meaning they consume the same amount of boost gauge as rank B Carts but are slower, or Eficiencia Baixa(Low Efficiency) meaning they consume extra boost gauge to be executed)

Corrida Impulsionada(Boost Run) - Low Output

Giro Acelerado(Accel Roll) - Low Efficiency

Ciclo Aereo(Air Loop) - Low Efficiency

Corrida Flutuante(Float Dash) - Low Output

Impulso Curto(Short Boost) - Low Efficiency

Deslizar(Sway) - Low Efficiency

Voo Impulsionado(Boost Flight) - (Doesnt have neither "Low efficiency" or "Low output)  - New cart, pretty much an Air version of boost run, spend twice as much boost gauge to fly faster.

Escalar(Climbing) - Low Output - New cart, when facing a wall you may tap spacebar to jump up.(Like Megaman)

Correndo no Ar(Air running) - Lets you run off ledges without consuming boost(Didnt test this cart yet but i think you still consume boost when running off ledges, sharhead has this as a default but this might be an improved version)


Grade B carts-

Corrida Basica(Basic Movement) - Modifies the movement speed of your basic movement:

Lateral(Sideways) - You will move faster when walking sideways but when moving forward or backwards your movement will be reduced)


Suporte da Torre ATK(Tower Support ATK) - You will gain this effect while you have the tower buff on:

Atirador(Shooter) - +20% Bonus range on projectile weapons
Velocidade(Speed) - +10% to all movement stats.


Sugador De Alma(Souleater) - Whenever you defeat an enemy:  (Note: By default you gain 12-13 Armor per enemy killed if you dealt enough damage do it before it was killed)

+5 para Regeneração(+5 Regen)  - you gan an additional 5 armor.
Usurpador(Usurper)  - If the defeated player was in the top 3, you will get an additional 30 armor.
Aumento de Velocidade(Speed Boost) - It's in the Gold Arena drop list, i do not know it's effects.


Arremessador(Thrower)  -  Thrown objects will cause 1.2 more damage.


Upgrade de Shift(Shift action upgrade):

Anti-Homing - Gives you anti-homing for 2 seconds whenever you use your shift action.

Movement carts(Faster than rank C carts, do not possess bonuses like rank A-S carts)

Corrida Impulsionada(Boost Run)

Impulso Curto(Short Boost)



Ciclo Aereo(Air Loop)

Voo Impulsionado(Boost Flight) - Note: Havent seen ingame, but probably exists.

Corrida Flutuante(Float Dash) - Note: Havent seen ingame, but probably exists.

Giro Acelerado(Accel Roll) - Note: Havent seen ingame, but probably exists.


Grade A Carts:

Destruidor De Torre(Tower Destroyer) - When the enemy tower is destroyed you will gain:

Velocidade(Speed) - 2.0 Movement speed for 60 seconds.
Atirador(Shooter) - Projectile Weapons will gain +40% Range and +30% Speed for 60 seconds.


Vingador Da Torre(Tower revenge) - When your tower is destroyed you will gain:

Velocidade(Speed) - 2.0 Movement speed for 60 seconds.
Atirador(Shooter) - Projectile Weapons will gain +40% Range and +30% Speed for 60 seconds.


Armadura Máxima(Full armor) - While you armor is at 100% you will gain:

Decimare(guessing botched translation, Damage resistance) - You will only receive 10% damage.
Sprint - Ground movement speed boosted by 2.0
Voo(Flight) - Flight speed boosted by 2.0


Ultima Resistencia(Last Stand) - When your armor reaches critical condition you will gain:

Mais Dakka(Botched translation i guess, Firing Rate Bonus) - Firing Rate of all weapons increased by 30%
Impulso(Boost) - Boost Consumption will be cut in half
Anti-Homing - Reduces the efficiency of homing projecticles.
Atirador(Shooter) - +40% Range and +30% speed to projectile Weapons


Ultimo Surto(Last Breath) - During the last 60 seconds of a fight you will gain:

Atirador(Shooter) - +40% Range and +30% speed to projectile Weapons
Briga(Brawl) - +15% Speed to all melee attacks.
Dakka Adicional(Extra speed) - Firing speed of your weapons will be boosted by 30% (I am pretty sure this translation was doubly botched, as "Dakka" effects usually relate to recharge, not speed)
Velocidade(Speed) - All movement stats boosted by 10%


Inicio Rapido(Quick Start) - For 35 seconds after the start of the match you will gain:

Atirador(Shooter) - +40% Range and +30% speed on projectile Weapons.
Resistencia a dano 50%(50% Damage resistance) - Halves damage taken.


Inicio Lento(Slow Start) - Not entirely sure what this entails, it's in the gold league reward list.

Aumento 10%(10% Boost) - ^


Carga De aterrissagem(Landing Charge)  - Allows for your boost bar to be recharged up to 50% while landing. (ie: Lets your boost bar recharge while falling, whenever you're not pressing spacebar, your boost bar will recharge, even while flying)


Deslizar(Sway) Same as rank B but with the added effect:

Ao Lado(sideways) - Boosts speed when swaying sideways.


Corrida Impulsionada(Boost run) Same as rank B but with the added effect:

Reverter(Reverse) - You can no longer boost run forward but you can boost run backwards.


Impulso Curto(Short boost) Same as rank B but with the added effect:

Recuar(Retreat) Boosts backwards movement.
Pular(Jump) Boosts height but also consumes more boost gauge.


Triturador 5(Crusher 5) - Challenge reward, still need to work on mine

Velocidade(speed) - ^


Giro Acelerado(Accel Roll)  - No bonuses here, the grade B cart for this might not exist.


Ciclo Aéreo(Air Loop) - Same as rank B but with the added effect:

Ascender(Ascend)  - Air looping will move you upwards.


Corrida Flutuante(Float Dash)  - No bonuses here, the grade B Cart for this might not exist.


Rank S Carts:

Rank Alto(High Ranking) - Challenge reward, i assume this is the opposite of underdog.

Briga(Brawl) - ^


Intensificador de chute(Kick Intensifier) - Gold league reward


Deslisar(Sway) I assume same as rank B, but with the added bonus:

Adiante(Forward) - Boosts travel speed when moving forward.


Corrida Impulsionada(Boost run) I assume same as rank B, but with the added bonus:

Acelerar(acceleration) - Boosts movement speed forward, the wording is a bit strange but i assume it disables strafing.


Impulso Curto(Short boost) I assume same as rank B, but with the added bonus:

Velocidade(Speed) Heightens the speed of the jumping but also consumes more boost.


Ciclo Aéreo (Air Loop) I assume same as rank B, but with the added bonus:

Velocidade(Speed) Wording seems a bit strange, just says that the speed is boosted but i believe it'll also consume more boost.


Impulso De Voo(Flight boost) Gold arena reward, assume the same as rank C but with extra bonuses

Resistencia(Resistance) - ^


Escalar(Climbing) - I assume same as rank B, but with the added bonus:

Pular(Jumping) Makes you jump further up while climbing but wont move you away from the wall as much as before.
Saltar(Leaping) Makes you move further away from the wall when climbing, but wont move you as higher as before.


Might have missed a few carts, theres a lot of carts that drop only from Prime and Deluxe arenas, will update this as more carts are found.
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Cart Translations (CB2BR)
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