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 23/07/2015 updates (updated)

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23/07/2015 updates (updated) Empty
PostSubject: 23/07/2015 updates (updated)   23/07/2015 updates (updated) EmptyFri Jul 24, 2015 6:38 am

another rookie help quest
and this time its jets
23/07/2015 updates (updated) E696b0e4babae38390e382a4e38388e381aee3818ae6898be4bc9de381841
by quest order, you need
1 organic fragment - hd
1 solar armor - bs
1 poyeen sand - bd
1 organic oil - am x2
1 organic splinter - lg
1 proof of domination pold - tuning mist 50 (c)

till 30/07/2015, bots, parts and items in stores will be sold at 50% off
this however does not apply to the following
gacha tickets
anything that is sold in c$
regen pack 1000
regen pack 2000
custom premium
paint premium
garage page plus
carry page plus
lab premium
c$ charge
tuning mist 50(m)
rinaj ruins store items

by clearing kambi, pitaro and geothermal powerplant, you get 1 mt and 1 big robonium for each quest

2 week gacha sp is added


23/07/2015 updates (updated) 150723_e5b8b0e98284e585b5e694afe68fb4e382ade383a3e383b3e3839ae383bce383b3
if you haven't log in game for more than 30 days, log in to receive the following gifts
returning soldier batch
garage page plus b
carry page plus b
custom premium b
lab premium b
paint premium b
(all premium b last for 7 days)

zero saber next (with bitgun mod, paladin sword and shooting gear 3 x2)
zarid terum
falke armor go
valiant axeler
all except zero saber next(who is literally permanent)  are lvl 30 and last for 7 days

23/07/2015 updates (updated) E5a48fe381aee696b0e585b5e5bf9ce68fb4e382ade383a3e383b3e3839ae383bce383b32
new accounts will receive a zero saber next(with the same weapons and accs as said above)
10 gold robonium
viper shield
10 blank essence
10 repair essence
1 combine plus 10
3 shaok, vulture and push gate

till 03/09/2015

and forgotten to mention last week, summer challenge campaign
which theres 2 types of challenges, personal and overall.

clear pold : 5 mt and 1 gold robonium
clear kambi : 5 mt and 1 gold robonium
clear indigo : 5 mt and 1 gold robonium
clear pitaro : 5 mt and 1 gold robonium
clear geo : 5 mt and 1 gold robonium
clear geothermal powerplant : 5 mt and 1 gold robonium

clear kayom: beam armor x3 and gunframe L X3
clear rinaj : regen pack 1000 x3 and regen pack 200 x 2

clear lambda research area : combine plus 25 x 2 and combine plus 10 x4
clear gastor's 3 mountains : login capsules x 14
clear heavens tower : combine plus 35
clear norodoro : tuning mist 70
clear heavens gate facility : combine guard
any path is ok for the challenge)

overall challenge which is done by everyone
clear fulby ruins 150 times : dungeon, sudden mission rewards x 2
clear kishton 150 times : special increase of c21 game (the 21st event mission I guess) by 2 days

clear butak ruins 150 times : exp rate double on specific date and double drop rate from rare monster
clear titan swamp 150 times: double c$ and drop rate on a specific date and time
clear indra tower 150 times: login capsules double , rare monster rate up
clear 1000 emergency missions : rare monster rate up

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Posts : 1390
Join date : 2010-12-05
Age : 30

23/07/2015 updates (updated) Empty
PostSubject: Re: 23/07/2015 updates (updated)   23/07/2015 updates (updated) EmptySat Jul 25, 2015 2:29 am

and also, deep pitaro ruins is added

new recipes are added in the laboratory
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23/07/2015 updates (updated)
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