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 Cosmo Kaiser

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PostSubject: Cosmo Kaiser   Cosmo Kaiser EmptyFri Jan 31, 2014 2:09 am

Cosmo Kaiser 6EunR

warning. this guide is going to be about stock cosmo kaiser.
i mean, his original parts. weapon and shield can come off if ya want.
this is just the only way i can see myself playing as him.
and i'd like to make a guide for that.
it's also going to be sloppy as shit and i will probably make it better over time.
i am sorry.

now before i get into the nitty gritty.
ck was more or less my first bot i built after i stopped taking recommendations of things to make and people holding my hand in general, i guess.
i just admired his look and lore in cb.
people usually only remember ck by his hd or ck ac.
but i dunno, man. something about ck made me enjoy robots in cb even more so.
this is when i started to feel like i should run stock on most things.
because i feel more immersed in the game when i do this.
of course it's harder to play the game if you wanna go down this route.
since it was made for customization.

going to get right to it and start with a quick overview of pros and cons for ck.

-cosmo kaiser comes out beefy with 440 hp and 503 hp with all of his cap carts taken. can reach tanky status if further improved with guard carts and more hp.
-an internal hand shot gun that can KILL. don't let it fool you. i have killed pesky melee users before with this reliable internal. it does constant 20s in bursts and a PERFECT farming weapon if you were to lose both of your arms.
-nice 16 stock tgh.
-easy to get 3s parts of him. able to brute tune his parts because of this.
-one of the few bots to get broad radar at level 1.
-stats are spread enough where you can go either str or tech without being completely bad.
-510 total cap to play around with.
-very versatile
(this really shouldn't count as a pro but some guy made an amazing skin for ck that i can share.)
nice skin:

-he is a big guy
-needs at least 6 or 7 cap carts. which is going to put you in the 1.2k cost area.
-16 tgh is going to get in the way of revenge tunes going off
-iew scales horribly
-most of the weapons that would be nice on him are better off used on different cores.
-two of his movement carts are locked until level 6.
-heavy tuning
-i mean. you can probably think of more but these are some of the big ones that come to mind.

with that out of the way.
it's time to move onto his
Cosmo Kaiser 6EwYY

Cosmo Kaiser 6EBva
with the broad sword and viper shield off. ck + all of his cap carts reach his left over cap to a nice 510.
good enough to tune a weapon of your choice, preferred walk and decent enough damage stat.
his cost rakes up to 1275 though.
it is a steep slope, man.
but this is where his (in my opinion) staple cart comes into play.
Cosmo Kaiser 6EBy5
you get this nice cart right off the bat.
if you are running a ck.  it is a waste to not pick up this cart.
it is immensely useful for him.
let me bold that.
it is immensely useful for him.

i have lived various sticky situations thanks to that cart.
i just cannot express how much he needs it.
well. it really depends on the way you play. but this also leads to the next part of this guide. i haven't finished talking about carts. shit.
now comes the movement carts.
Cosmo Kaiser 6EBBN
is it all preferable choice here, man.
there are times where i wish i had sway or boost run.
but i went with short boost because of my weapon choice.
short boost + dual spike bits has been my main way to get away from melee spammers.
they get stunned and i hop away hopefully onto higher ground.
if not i die a painful death.
you will most likely have enough room to at least choose one of the movement carts after broad radar.
more so if you don't even get broad radar for some reason.
if you want to feel like a tank. pick up both blast and sword guard.
anti burning is also up for grabs for anyone that chose short boost.
not really much you can do to mess up with choosing carts for your ck.
except if you choose shell guard. 10% damage reduction does not warrant that cost.
or soul eater. well. soul eater is kinda funky. i just never hear anyone talk about it.
it may be because 40 cost for 5% of your total HP being healed per kill is not that great.

okay. let's head on to play styles.
what you're doing to help.

i mix around with different roles all the time with my ck.
i've tried going the melee route, run and gun, a mix of those last two, scouter and supporter.
he can play most roles as long as you fit him with the weapons for it.
but the one i always come back to is supporter.
i like to try to help with support fire. i'm not really the one that finishes killing things.
i harass airs with my bazooka and make sure to warn people of incoming enemies.
i purposely get in the way of melee attacking someone and set up double spike bit to help whoever is in trouble. because i can take the hits.
i'm not one to get high scores but i am fine with this role.

weapons you can use.
-handy baz. (lesser stat drop and still reliable)
-bazooka. (easy to get 3s ver of them and can tune to become an air killer.)
-custom mag. (reliable gun)
-double gun. (amazing in short bursts.)
-rocket launcher. (good for poking and decent damage)
-negaton rifle (completely messes up other lands)
-pierce gun (with these in shops now. amazing accuracy, damage and cost.)
i'll add more later or people can go ahead and just.
look. if you like a weapon and you use it on a run and gun land.
it'll more than likely go great with ck too.
that goes for melee weapons as well.
i ran a jet hammer + rocket launcher ck before and it did decent even with higher tier junk running around.

preferred stats.
i only put this one up so i can say this.
tune mobility first and go with 32 walk, man.
32 walk is a nice place to stop and tune other things.
30 is the third to last breakpoint for sway.
30 is the breakpoint for short boost for lands.
and boost run can reach a breakpoint if you go 32/2(fly)
there really isn't much point to reach any higher unless you're really feeling slow or playing a specific role.

how to fight against a ck.

simple stuff here.
-play an air
-kick him
-shoot him with anything
-punch him
-slap him
-really. he's just a big land with a lot of hp. he'll go down if you keep bothering him.

final notes.
cosmo kaiser is a cool bot and he really doesn't need to be played seriously.
this guide was made so i can at least write something about my favorite bot on cb.
take him out when you know it's cool to chill and no one is trying to stir shit.
he performs as well as you equip him to. this bot is made to be tanky for you while you have fun trying to melee or shoot someone with stupid shit.
tune a weapon with stats you're not sure about and try it out on ck, you can take the damage and be able to check out if the weapon is cool or not. i don't know. that's what i've done before.
mold him however you want and have fun with him.
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Cosmo Kaiser Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cosmo Kaiser   Cosmo Kaiser EmptyFri Jan 31, 2014 2:40 am

I like your guide and you have me convinced. I'll be sure to make my own stock Cosmo Kaiser once I purchase some other things in the shop. Sometimes people have to just chill.

Great work, Mili.
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Cosmo Kaiser
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