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 06/06/2013 updates

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06/06/2013 updates Empty
PostSubject: 06/06/2013 updates   06/06/2013 updates EmptyThu Jun 06, 2013 12:55 am

steel burn & griest chaser are added in gacha sp1
type: art
06/06/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130606_0408_15_771_zps8421f999
06/06/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130606_0408_26_455_zpsdc38854c
06/06/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130606_0408_33_706_zps7507ce75
06/06/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130606_0408_38_889_zps3e203b52

type: lnd(air in cb)
06/06/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130606_0408_57_438_zps114a33e0
06/06/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130606_0409_12_521_zps579f5265
06/06/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130606_0409_20_404_zps9911e763

06/06/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130606_0409_33_053_zpsf58cc759

06/06/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130606_0409_49_755_zpsd9a98014

note: 900 hp shield and gives 1 of each defense
06/06/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130606_0410_08_469_zps03f2f1b0

06/06/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130606_0410_16_321_zps64a62e34

06/06/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130606_0410_22_320_zps4ff7fa9f

06/06/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130606_0410_28_088_zps90f2c2ce

06/06/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130606_0410_35_485_zps080f3503

06/06/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130606_0410_41_204_zps01a89936

06/06/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130606_0410_48_117_zps2858c067

06/06/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130606_0410_55_504_zpsb119e918

06/06/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130606_0411_04_603_zpsbb89dd5a

06/06/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130606_0411_13_534_zps8f09864d

06/06/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130606_0411_26_968_zps76cf5c3d

06/06/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130606_0411_41_634_zpsd9958679

06/06/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130606_0411_49_767_zps915eb46d

06/06/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130606_0411_59_869_zps8b3b3ee1

06/06/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130606_0412_09_934_zpsd78fc1f7

06/06/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130606_0412_21_814_zps4439f405

06/06/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130606_0412_34_733_zpsbca0e843

wolfguy and tristar have been removed from lv 3 login gacha
dikaros and flechas are added in lv3 login gacha
06/06/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130606_0407_54_342_zps981481e8

mt login gacha have been extended to 27 june

3 dungeon campaign starts
by clearing pold, kambi and piroto(needed correct translation or spelling)
for 1 mt and a planet quartz each once.

heaven tower campaign starts
by clearing heavens tower for 5 mt

fire pillar shield damage have been adjusted (nerfed due to damage being higher that the expected damage)

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06/06/2013 updates
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