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 18/04/2013 updates

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18/04/2013 updates Empty
PostSubject: 18/04/2013 updates   18/04/2013 updates EmptyThu Apr 18, 2013 12:34 am

レシプロン・エンテ and machinelet nishiki are added in gacha sp2

type: air
18/04/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130418_0359_43_439_zpsf2e73a95

18/04/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130418_0400_04_771_zpsfc845a66
18/04/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130418_0400_12_855_zps3edaeb3b
18/04/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130418_0400_21_156_zpsda61c35a

type: lnd
18/04/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130418_0400_33_708_zps291d1424
18/04/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130418_0400_47_338_zps9fae64d8
note: original machinelet's amjs are locked into the bd as a single part in cb.

18/04/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130418_0400_53_841_zps82538b64

18/04/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130418_0401_09_985_zps51755d15
18/04/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130418_0401_17_020_zpsefaec62d

18/04/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130418_0401_29_071_zps3149f996

18/04/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130418_0401_43_887_zpsd5d65cc5

18/04/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130418_0402_00_204_zps66947dcf

18/04/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130418_0402_07_819_zps28af728a

18/04/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130418_0402_13_722_zpsbe2f4594

18/04/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130418_0402_22_967_zps0c0d4d6c

18/04/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130418_0402_32_134_zps3e6d4c59

18/04/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130418_0402_43_820_zpse069ce1e

18/04/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130418_0402_50_919_zpse736df05

18/04/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130418_0403_02_019_zps71752f09

18/04/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130418_0403_11_902_zps9c4ceaa6

18/04/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130418_0403_24_754_zps802dd97e

18/04/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130418_0403_32_118_zps1fe7876a

18/04/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130418_0403_41_102_zps8d7834da

18/04/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130418_0403_49_935_zps57c81314

18/04/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130418_0403_59_765_zps519e91c5

18/04/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130418_0404_08_067_zpse8df5f6b

mt campaign starts from now till 9 may

gernia double campaign starts till 25 april, which you get double the reward (excluding mission)
gernia dungeon rush campaign starts, by clearing a dungeon, you will get a reward, clearign all dungeons in gernia (including under gernia's) for a bigger reward
ends at 25th april
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18/04/2013 updates
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