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 CB-EU 4-17-2013 Updates

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Surprised Shiromo
Surprised Shiromo

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CB-EU 4-17-2013 Updates Empty
PostSubject: CB-EU 4-17-2013 Updates   CB-EU 4-17-2013 Updates EmptyTue Apr 16, 2013 10:54 pm

Greetings, Cosmic Heroes!
Please welcome the weekly update!!

[size=150]New UC Robots![/size]

• New UC Robots have been added to the shop!

Heavy Flechas
Previously very light and fast, this robot took on a fighting style that allows for fast movement while still using heavy armor.

Another well known robot from the Frodo System. Has a short temper, and runs around waving his "Dangerous Scissors".

[size=150]UC Garapon Update![/size]

• New Robots have been added to the UC Garapon!

Byakkou Gust
Modified version of Byakkou, sharp clawed protector of the West. The reborn "White Emperor" rips through his foes with ease on the battlefield.
CB-EU 4-17-2013 Updates Byakkou-Gust-300x225

Genbura Dust
Modified version of Genbura, the armored fortress of the North. The reborn "Black Emperor" moves through the battlefield, decimating enemies mercilessly.
CB-EU 4-17-2013 Updates Genbura-Dust-300x211

Seiron Burst
Modified version of Seiron, thunder throwing protector of the East. The reborn "Blue Emperor" fills the battlefield with brilliant lightning.
CB-EU 4-17-2013 Updates Seiron-Bust-300x207

[size=150]New Rt Weapons![/size]

• New New Rt Weapons have been added to the game!

Assist Pump Gun
Fires compressed air bullets. Requires less STR than the regular Pump Gun to create large bullets.

Volcano Grenade Gun
A large cannon that fires lava bombs. Buries the enemy in burning hot lava.

Burst Shotgun
A weapon that fires canister shots which explode on impact. A direct hit can cause severe damage.


• Quests have been shuffled.

Enjoy the game and stay tuned!
Have fun in the Cosmic Ark!
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Zwiebel Force
Cosmic Onion
Zwiebel Force

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CB-EU 4-17-2013 Updates Empty
PostSubject: Re: CB-EU 4-17-2013 Updates   CB-EU 4-17-2013 Updates EmptyWed Apr 17, 2013 4:30 am

Too bad the game's dead :>
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CB-EU 4-17-2013 Updates
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