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 14/02/2013 updates

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14/02/2013 updates Empty
PostSubject: 14/02/2013 updates   14/02/2013 updates EmptyThu Feb 14, 2013 1:14 am

valetines mission ends
"perena" is added into the department store for 74 mt
type: sup
14/02/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130214_0403_28_606_zps7f33d2ac
14/02/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130214_0403_40_854_zps0cfcef4e

7th aniversary mission starts
14/02/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130214_0404_33_680_zpsbe1cbbb7
you can only use a fixed commando of zero saber NEXT, aquilla airs, falx ranger and victorl i-sr with fixed assorted weapons

this time, no cacpentus announcer
and all audiences are demon force...
14/02/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130214_0406_43_298_zps57b3cc54
you will fight 4 rounds against demon force robos which each round is random. (delfighter, deltry, delbeezle, delbatron, chaos kaiser, delserker, etc)
14/02/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130214_0407_00_148_zps03db86ff
14/02/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130214_0408_47_328_zps41592b09
14/02/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130214_0410_37_323_zps05f1cde2
14/02/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130214_0421_17_789_zpsa8e3a669
14/02/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130214_0436_16_838_zps38da7ea4
14/02/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130214_0529_27_920_zps3f938a55
14/02/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130214_0727_34_649_zps15de2f8a
14/02/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130214_1418_18_601_zpscaa68512
14/02/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130214_1422_36_290_zpsf74d9e2c
14/02/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130214_0414_59_018_zps7825fd2f
14/02/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130214_0415_23_333_zps3b63f3a6

7th aniversary coin can be used to roll for stuffs in 7th aniversary gacha
part1 gacha
saggitary maxis gold hd sub: posing
14/02/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130214_0416_08_865_zpse0b67514
14/02/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130214_0416_20_661_zps779bd00e
14/02/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130214_0416_23_432_zps03f69301
14/02/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130214_0416_26_596_zps2ba73f45
14/02/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130214_0416_29_298_zps17309939
14/02/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130214_0416_32_815_zpsdfd35dc9
14/02/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130214_0416_36_147_zps4b528268
14/02/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130214_0416_38_713_zps636616f7

part 2(i skipped some portions, since they are the same)
14/02/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130214_0416_44_831_zpsad831ee2
14/02/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130214_0416_51_014_zps6b6dd2f9
14/02/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130214_0417_00_413_zps9f386939
14/02/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130214_0417_03_028_zps82194b1a
14/02/2013 updates ScreenShot_20130214_0417_06_615_zps26648208

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14/02/2013 updates
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