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 School Crimrose - Football'n

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Senior Grey
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Senior Grey
Senior Grey

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School Crimrose - Football'n Empty
PostSubject: School Crimrose - Football'n   School Crimrose - Football'n EmptyWed Dec 26, 2012 2:15 am

Why go STR?
Why not?
It's hip, it's unique, and it turns some moe that throws junk into a footballer. HUT HUT!
*Note, this guide only applies to her tackle. Using a melee weapon is just silly.
High damages in a single pass.
People don't expect it.

Getting close, usually inside enemy lines.
Getting out of enemy lines.
Capacity Issues
Uses all slots.
Glass Cannon

Calculamacations (40str with graps here and there):
VS Neutral: 60+
VS Sword Guard: 40+
VS Art Rear: 120+

VS Neutral: 100+
VS Sword Guard: 70+
VS ART rear: 200+

Those are some big numbers! But why use this when other bots can dish out a constant stream of pain? Good question, but it's hip, unique, and turns Crim into a footballer.

Let's go over tackle statistics:
Force: 32
Range: 85
Speed: 105
Inter: 3000

Charge takes 2 seconds.

Although the INT is 3000, the cooldown starts the moment Crim tackles. So, it'll have roughly 1 second left when the player regains control.
- A charged tackle has super armor and is almost instant. However, she can be stunned before she actually tackles thus wasting it and having to wait the full 3 seconds. Super armor does not prevent damage.
- She can quickly jump to near max height when doing a running jump tackle.

- Can hurt a spamming melee without flinching? Yes.
- Can hit airs? Yes.
- Can escape stunlock (when charged)? Timed correctly, yes.
- Can be used to get around? Yes.

Downside, it's on the legs. You'll have to decide whether or not you want revenge tune or MOAR DAMAGE tunes.

Grappler tunes will give it some major punch, but will move a little slower. Gladiator will, of course, make it move faster and further. Then again, it already moves fast, so Grappler tunes are recommended over Gladiator.

Not putting up my personal build because I'm still working on it despite using all slots already...
Cart Selection:
- STR crim will most likley be using every single slot.
- Level 8 or 9 is the recommended level cap depending on how you build.
- HP hovers at around 400 (all capa) without hp tunes.

*Note: These builds are to be used as guidelines. They are not optimized.
*Leg tunes are left out on purpose.
*Tonosama is used as a filler booster. There are better boosters for particular builds.
*None of these builds use a gun. There is room for guns if you don't plan on achieving high tackle damage.

No Boost:
Float Dash:
Short Boost:
Should I turn my Crim into a football player?
- First, ask yourself if you have the resources necessary to build one. We're talking about 15+ alpha protectors or having lady luck in love with you. If yes, then...
- Are you capable of performing hit and runs? Are you willing to drive right into people know full well that there's a chance you'll get hurt, possibly even blown to bits? If yes then do this:
- If you can successfully tag about 10+ enemies with a fully charged dash, then you can join the league!
- Can you expect to perform well every match? No, I perform horribly if I'm not careful/otherteamtoostrong.

- Make sure to be charged at all times. You never know when something will pop up.
- Make sure to charge in a safe spot.
- If tackle fails, run away!
- Try to flank the enemy. If you move fast, they won't know you're there until you ram them.
- Run, jump, then tackle to reach max altitude.
- Moe Field heals 100 hp. Prioritize healing yourself first before others, this will help you fight longer.
- Don't use spike bits for offense.
- Don't forget to throw junk. Hold E and spam. It helps with dispersing some crowds. Sometimes I don't even use this.
- How close to get a good tackle? Close enough. Sometimes bugs happen and you'll dash the other way.

When you are charged, the only thing you have to fear are high DPS airs. See that Eris over there? You can tackle her for massive damage!
If you do it wrong, you'll get hurt in the process. But whatever, that's a big chunk of HP they've lost.

Last edited by Senior Grey on Wed Dec 26, 2012 3:36 am; edited 4 times in total
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School Crimrose - Football'n Empty
PostSubject: Re: School Crimrose - Football'n   School Crimrose - Football'n EmptyWed Dec 26, 2012 2:30 am

I can testify that that thing kicked my teeth in on more than one occasion. It took me a few matches to even figure out that it was a School Crimrose, because I'm so used to people throwing junk all day like a Destructor and never charging and Senior wasn't throwing any junk.. just being a sexy little ninja.
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God Poster
God Poster

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School Crimrose - Football'n Empty
PostSubject: Re: School Crimrose - Football'n   School Crimrose - Football'n EmptyWed Dec 26, 2012 2:39 am

There's a lot of ANCIENT BRD SECRETS I could spill here but I don't know how much should actually become public knowledge, so I'll just focus on opinion:

-Sway and Guard carts are superb. I'd consider EIWs over Blast and Sword Guard, in order, as each EIW is basically +100 to your HP anyway (as well as providing additional benefits to yourself and teammates)
-At x2 EIW Angel Kiss becomes refillable with Shell Supply (I believe. It reaches the appropriate ammo sum, I haven't actually confirmed if it'll refill.) This means another +500 HP.
-Revenge tuning probably isn't necessary as I wouldn't expect you to stay in sustained combat long enough for one to help reliably. I'd opt for Clearance if I had to tune one (or more).

This sort of setup is actually both quite viable and effective when played right.

(Also your math on art backhit is off, the multipliers are x1.4 for vs ART and x1.35 for melee backhit)
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God Poster
God Poster

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School Crimrose - Football'n Empty
PostSubject: Re: School Crimrose - Football'n   School Crimrose - Football'n EmptyWed Dec 26, 2012 3:09 am

this is like the opposite of tec aila.
except it's gay.
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Zwiebel Force
Cosmic Onion
Zwiebel Force

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School Crimrose - Football'n Empty
PostSubject: Re: School Crimrose - Football'n   School Crimrose - Football'n EmptyWed Dec 26, 2012 8:01 am

I can confirm that Shell Suppl refills her Angel's Kiss. Personally I don't like unspammable melee, it's a most SUGOI idea though ö.ö
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Regular Poster

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School Crimrose - Football'n Empty
PostSubject: Re: School Crimrose - Football'n   School Crimrose - Football'n EmptyWed Dec 26, 2012 11:59 am

Finally a reason to try my school crim. It's been gathering dust ever since the first mega gara.
Very nice guide, it definitely made me wanna use her
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School Crimrose - Football'n Empty
PostSubject: Re: School Crimrose - Football'n   School Crimrose - Football'n Empty

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School Crimrose - Football'n
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