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 CBTW 12/13/2012 "Punching Crimrose" Edition

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CBTW 12/13/2012 "Punching Crimrose" Edition Empty
PostSubject: CBTW 12/13/2012 "Punching Crimrose" Edition   CBTW 12/13/2012 "Punching Crimrose" Edition EmptyThu Dec 13, 2012 6:52 am

Garapon News
The Summer Gara has, finally, been removed.
Weekly Garapon

Gold Prizes
  • Bikini Crimrose
  • Melfi
  • Elisalotte
  • Connie Sheriff

Silver Prize
  • Tesladonna Ukko
  • Pacifar BR
  • Contradict
  • Saggitary Maxis IV

Bronze Prize
  • Cross Shooter
  • Middle Bazooka
  • Lightning Edge
  • LL Bulk Accelgun
  • Spread Bazooka
  • Pierce Shotgun

Booby Prizes
  • x3 All ticket + LV8 limit remover
  • Slot Protector Ω+ Mat package A+ LV5 Limit Remover
  • Cosmo Regret Ω+ Mat package B + LV5 Limit Remover
  • Cosmo Harmonic γ+ Mat package C + LV5 Limit Remover

Content News
  • Five new maps have been added:
    • Container Base
      CBTW 12/13/2012 "Punching Crimrose" Edition Stage_1-300x200
    • Bumpy Hills
      CBTW 12/13/2012 "Punching Crimrose" Edition Stage_2-300x200
    • Desert Fortress
      CBTW 12/13/2012 "Punching Crimrose" Edition Stage_3-300x200
    • Red Leaves
      CBTW 12/13/2012 "Punching Crimrose" Edition Stage_4-300x200
    • Grass Bridges
      CBTW 12/13/2012 "Punching Crimrose" Edition Stage_51-300x200

  • KDJ-Plus has been added.
  • The Resort Area got hit by a freak winter storm. Probably will remain that way until June.
  • Normal maintenance tasks have been completed: Quests have been reset.

Event News

CBTW 12/13/2012 "Punching Crimrose" Edition ExcellentHero01
  • RO ALE Crimrose and RO Woolmerry will remain available until December 27.
  • Starting this week and until the 27th, TW will hold their own Excellent Hero Campaign.
  • Another Onion War campaign is upon us. It is the same as always and will end on the 27.
  • Pepen's are especially naughty now. The Pepen Rebellion mission has been replaced by an Xmas Mission "There is No Way my Pepen is this Cute."
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CBTW 12/13/2012 "Punching Crimrose" Edition
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