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 DMRW-A Chapter 1: A Spark of Hope

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DMRW-A Chapter 1: A Spark of Hope Empty
PostSubject: DMRW-A Chapter 1: A Spark of Hope   DMRW-A Chapter 1: A Spark of Hope EmptyMon Oct 25, 2010 11:56 pm

Digital Mecha Reality War - Alpha
A Spark of Hope
DMRW-A Chapter 1: A Spark of Hope 16aacad166e4b691f56470d

The snow fiercely assaults the surrounding terrain leaving nothing but pure white, a humanoid figure hurriedly trudges across the rolling white hills and cautiously pass several frozen lakes. Planet Xanian III was notorious for its often fatal, constant-snow stormed winters that left all but a few colonies intact. “Goddamn mother nature,” he hisses in vain. The blizzard starts to intensify, forcing him to shelter within a small cave carved into a large section of rock, protected by large natural-formed pillars protruding from the ground. Using the last bit of his Data-Synergy he materializes a good sized fire fueled by enhanced coal, a human staple of environments such as these. He then pulls out a badly-battered canteen of whiskey with the phrase “One for the Ditch” stamped onto one side and the name “Owen Baresi” on the other.

After taking a swig, Owen sits back on a thankfully-smooth rock wall, staring silently at the fire. Despite his knowledge of engineering and everything that ends in ‘boom’, Owen always had a quietly side to his personality, putting down his canteen and rests him head against the cold rock behind him, he closes his eyes. “Piece a’ shit AF just didn’t hold together” he laments, “ah whatever, I can fashion another one from scrap metal, gunpowder and a power core or a generator or sumthin’.” His mind slowly burred from exhaustion as the soft hissing of the flames drowns out the bitter cold storming outside.

”Owen Marcel Baresi: Murderer, sabotage, piracy; you have been convicted of these crimes, having pleaded guilty, and is by your choice sentenced to 10 years military service”

“Ah, here he is… the new guy.”
“I see… so kid, what the hell kind of name is ‘Owen’?”
“Meh…, well Baresi, piloting AF’s ain’t no walk in the park, hopefully that head of yours and that ‘technical savvy’ can keep you alive. This ain’t the same as hacking into networks or stealing credits from accounts, this is war. Rejoice in that fact. Rookie.”
“…Yes sir.”

Year 3102-3158 A.E. Overview
The nomadic human fleet has decided to land some colonists in a vital solar system, named ‘New Sol’, located in the far corner of the Milky Way. Amongst this system, the most important planet is found some distance from the rest. Planet Xanian III, a constant blizzard filled rock that has a considerable amount of resources, namely large veins of a special mineral called Psinite capable of ‘harmonizing’ brain activity with the human ability to materialize data, producing interesting and unstable results.

Mining operations began smoothly despite harsh weather conditions and conflict with local fauna. Some years after colonization Wyri Juriyil eventually discovered this new haven and immediately began invasion, however due the brunt of the force having diverted off in pursuit of the human main fleet that was caught off guard and was forced to abandon New Sol and the new technology, taking heavy causalities in the process. A fraction of the aliens, about 2/5, stayed behind believing that mop up of this system would be a breeze compared to previous invasions, or so they thought.

Owen Baresi, born on Sept. 7, 3140 A.E. Terran-Fleet time on the bad side of a fairly large town known as Mar Sonaris, was an engineering and electronic genius who turned pirate and criminal to stay alive, his parents killed from a mining operation gone terribly bad. He was eventually captured during an attempt to hijack a mining transport monorail. He chose to serve in the Xanian militia force as a means of atonement; primarily focusing on purging the very place he came from of its evil, Mar Sonaris, which by then, has become corrupt and in rebellion.

Owen would eventually conquer Mar Sonaris and its gang-run system, exacting vengeance on those who made his childhood a hellish nightmare. Having served his sentence, but not his inner duties and sense of justice, Owen then decided to enlist into the Terran Royal Fleet; however by this time the Wyri Juriyil began their invasion and Owen was cut off from the fleet before he could serve aboard.

Stranded, alone and without reinforcements, Owen and what’s left of the Xanian Militia needs to pull together whatever colonies still intact, unite with the other colonized planets, and destroy the alien invasion, or burn to ashes in the destruction of New Sol.

When human scientists accidentally discovered the ability to link the manipulation of raw data and human brain activity, allowing them to perform psionic-like abilities, however on a limited and unstable scale, the government foresaw a great breakthrough in military technology. Ironically, this discovery would later affect all aspects of human life, completely changing the way they live. The use of this particular skill however, can be mentally exhausting to the untrained person. Things such as stress, anxiety or mental distractions during channeling or casting of a process can build negative energy, and cause harmful or even fatal problems. Through meditation, deep concentration and stress-controlling techniques one is able maximize their potential at mastering this skill. The term ‘Data-Synergy’ refers to any type of practice in this activity or one’s capacity of mental focus required for such activities.

Data-Synergy is not necessary for casting a process or ability; however, once a person has drained all their D-Synergy, continued use without rest will consume energy required for cognitive, motor and sensory processes, if taken further, death and decay of brain cells is inevitable, while collecting negative energy in the process.

With the critical breakthrough of utilizing a special mineral, Psinite, which has the power to balance and stimulate brain activity, producing new and interesting results, Data-Synergy has reached a new age. The limitations of regular D-Synergy have been completely faded away. By ‘harmonizing’ raw data and brain activity, the human mind is capable of performing a wide assortment of actions. Drawing D-Synergy from other biological creatures, summoning fire or electricity, mind-reading or hacking into machines without physical contact are some examples.

So this is a little side project I felt like doing (being the writefag that I am). please note that any info here is non-canon until Rein confirms it for the actual story. If this does turn canon then depending on choices made here, current story may change. This is the overview I wanted to post first, real CYOA/story will be posted soon. Also Data-Synergy part maybe changed or switched around with, still adding onto that one.

UPDATE: This CYOA will begin after [DMRW]: mission 0 is completed.
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DMRW-A Chapter 1: A Spark of Hope
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