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 04/10/2012 updates

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04/10/2012 updates Empty
PostSubject: 04/10/2012 updates   04/10/2012 updates EmptyThu Oct 04, 2012 1:04 am

カタロス, flap jack EC & turtle backer H-ARMs is added to gacha sp

amended: checked the data, only his bd and am transforms.
04/10/2012 updates ScreenShot_20121004_0442_22_602
04/10/2012 updates ScreenShot_20121004_0442_28_587
04/10/2012 updates ScreenShot_20121004_0442_36_100
04/10/2012 updates ScreenShot_20121004_0442_44_334

flapjack ec
04/10/2012 updates ScreenShot_20121004_0442_50_783
04/10/2012 updates ScreenShot_20121004_0442_53_717
04/10/2012 updates ScreenShot_20121004_0443_01_912
04/10/2012 updates ScreenShot_20121004_0443_07_081
04/10/2012 updates ScreenShot_20121004_0443_13_448
04/10/2012 updates ScreenShot_20121004_0801_01_197

turtle backer h arms from cc
04/10/2012 updates ScreenShot_20121004_0443_22_263
04/10/2012 updates ScreenShot_20121004_0443_30_165
04/10/2012 updates ScreenShot_20121004_0443_36_157

04/10/2012 updates ScreenShot_20121004_0443_44_766
04/10/2012 updates ScreenShot_20121004_0446_39_024
the homing was really nice.
04/10/2012 updates ScreenShot_20121004_0452_08_132

04/10/2012 updates ScreenShot_20121004_0443_58_915

04/10/2012 updates ScreenShot_20121004_0444_06_930

04/10/2012 updates ScreenShot_20121004_0444_15_847

04/10/2012 updates ScreenShot_20121004_0444_21_247

04/10/2012 updates ScreenShot_20121004_0444_29_630

04/10/2012 updates ScreenShot_20121004_0444_37_780

04/10/2012 updates ScreenShot_20121004_0444_44_346

04/10/2012 updates ScreenShot_20121004_0444_51_846

04/10/2012 updates ScreenShot_20121004_0444_57_878

code redemption npc is added in pold city in poyeen.

04/10/2012 updates ScreenShot_20121004_0449_18_116

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Posts : 1390
Join date : 2010-12-05
Age : 30

04/10/2012 updates Empty
PostSubject: Re: 04/10/2012 updates   04/10/2012 updates EmptyThu Oct 04, 2012 1:14 am

note: this is the item that can redeemed from the code redemption counter
though the code, dont bother asking, as the codes were literally sent to fellow jp residents by mail.
(includes 50 mt and lg is not included)
04/10/2012 updates ScreenShot_20121004_0509_04_437
04/10/2012 updates ScreenShot_20121004_0509_16_837
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04/10/2012 updates
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